Autonomous Groups Set up Hubs Across Several States to Mobilize Dorian Aid

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While Trump baffles the nation with Tweets and sharpie drawings, and the State cuts disaster relief funds to pay for a border wall, autonomous and anarchist groups are mobilizing to provide direct relief to people hit by hurricane Dorian, especially poor, immigrant, homeless, and working class communities already feeling the day to day impacts of life under capitalism.

Utilizing a system referred to as the Dorian Response Autonomous Supply Line, anarchist and autonomous anti-capitalist groups are mobilizing across the Southeast to form supply chains into impacted communities.

The idea behind DRASL is simple, yet effective. By establishing hubs that are connected to supply lines, which are then connected to other hubs, people can gather resources across a broad geographical area while also building autonomous infrastructure.

As Mutual Aid Disaster Relief wrote on social media:

Hurricane Dorian has decimated the Bahamas and is wreaking destruction and spawning tornadoes up the east coast. Millions of people have been ordered to evacuate from the eastern seaboard, and there are already storm impacts and flooding in many locales between Savannah GA and Norfolk VA. In these areas are migrant farm worker camps, and both coastal Indigenous and Gullah communities.

What is DRASL?

Through Mutual Aid Disaster Relief (MADR) 9 cities have networked together as the Dorian Response Autonomous Supply Line (DRASL) and begun collection efforts to send supplies and people-aid to impacted communities left behind by state and non-profits. DRASL is structured like a spokes council and works like a bucket brigade. And more are welcome to join us! Find the Drop Point nearest to you to drop off supplies or plug into the efforts in affected communities!

Currently there are nine hubs in the Southeast where people can drop off supplies, food, and other necessities which will then go towards helping directly impacted communities hit by Dorian. This hub spaces include:

Tampa – 609 W Waters Ave. Tampa, FL

Durham – 105 Hood St Ste 3 Durham NC

Asheville – Firestorm @ 610 Haywood Rd. Asheville, NC

Norfolk – Analgoue Labs @ 108 E. 28th St. Norfolk, VA (Thu-Sun 12-6pm)

Richmond – 105 N 17th St. Richmond, VA

Houston – 2107 Lexford Ln. Houston, TX

New Orleans – 2602 Chippewa St. New Orleans, LA (Call 985-788-6431 to drop off supplies)

Baton Rouge – C.F. Body Works @ 8211 Kelwood Ave. Baton Rouge, LA. Drop off times: Mon-Thu 9am-6, Fri 9am-3

Atlanta – 1799 Lakewood Terrace, Atlanta GA (M-F 5-9, Sat-Sun 12-5, come around back)

If you’re looking to open up a new hub or give a donation, check out the following info:

Are you organizing a Collection Hub or Drop Point in your city and/or want to coordinate with us? Get in contact!

Donate to:

– Mutual Aid Disaster Relief –
– HeadKnowles –
– Appalachian Medical Solidarity –
– Socialist Rifle Association –
– Palm Beach County Tenants Union –
– Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice
– Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies
– The Smile Trust Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund
– Atlanta Mutual Aid Disaster Relief –

Or check out the list of fundraisers by grassroots groups, affinity groups, and orgs local to the Bahamas at

If anyone can please loan us some large capacity vehicles, trucks, or cargo trailers, cause we’re gonna need em’!

Also, be sure to watch groups like Food Not Bombs in Lake Worth, who are currently mobilizing in their region of Florida.

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