B’nai B’rith Canada Urges Repression At Home

I can remember when some radical anti-racists were still willing to argue that “human rights groups” like B’nai B’rith Canada should be considered allies. Their staunch Zionism, chummy relationship with the police, and other political misdeeds were of interest only to “sectarians.”

Well, those days are long gone, for as the movement in solidarity with Palestine has grown throughout Canada, B’nai B’rith has become more and more obviously a part of the enemy camp. For those who ever doubted it in the first place.

And now, i just read this article in The Jewish Daily Forward about how this “human rights group” is urging the Conservative Canadian government to crack down on people who fly the Hezbollah flag at demonstrations. Big surprise, huh?

TORONTO – In a reflection of growing tensions between Canada’s Jewish and Arab communities, spawned by the Lebanon War, B’nai Brith Canada last week called for a crackdown on protesters who wave the Hezbollah flag at anti-Israel demonstrations.

B’nai Brith made the demand after 15,000 residents of Quebec, mainly Lebanese-Canadians, marched in a pro-Hezbollah demonstration in Montreal.

“The open declarations of support for the Hezbollah terrorist agenda that we have seen in recent days is a cause for mounting concern,” said Frank Dimant, B’nai Brith’s executive vice president. “Hezbollah is outlawed in this country, and it therefore should be illegal to wave the flags of this terrorist group on our city streets, an activity that encourages and promotes allegiance to terrorism.”


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