Books Recently Added to

Anarchy! An Anthology of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth

Lenin: A Study on the Unity of His Thought

Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism

The World Turned Inside Out: Settler Colonialism as a Political Idea

Investigative Aesthetics: Conflicts and Commons in the Politics of Truth

A World Without Police: How Strong Communities Make Cops Obsolete

Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire: Twenty years after 9/11

The Apocalypse and the End of History: Modern Jihad and the Crisis of Liberalism

Future Histories: What Ada Lovelace, Tom Paine, and the Paris Commune Can Teach Us About Digital Technology

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

The Age of Precarity: Endless Crisis as an Art of Government

Sinews of War and Trade: Shipping and Capitalism in the Arabian Peninsula

Sylvia Pankhurst: Sexual Politics and Political Activism

2022 Verso Radical Diary and Weekly Planner

One-Way Street And Other Writings by Walter Benjamin

The Indian Ideology

The Tragedy of the Worker: Towards the Proletarocene


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