BUNDLE of Eight Issues of Uprising, Journal of Revolutionary Initiative (2006-2017)

Revolutionary InitiativeĀ is a revolutionary communist party-building organization based in the northern half of Turtle Island, or the territories held or occupied by imperialist Canada.Ā  RI’s goal is to creatively apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to their local conditions in order to build a multinational revolutionary movement of proletarians, oppressed nations and oppressed national minorities to fight Canadian imperialism on the ā€œhome frontā€ with established links of solidarity to the most advanced revolutionary movements around the world.Ā  Revolutionary Initiative strives to abolish Canadaā€™s internal colonialism of Indigenous peoples, smash the imperialist Anglo/British federation and establish a truly decolonized socialist and multinational society.

Volume 1

The untitled first edition of Revolutionary Initiativeā€™s Theoretical Journal contains founding ideological documents of the organization that were written between 2006-2009. Ā These documents remained unpublished for years as they initially only served to build the ideological unity amongst the founding and first waves of members to the organization. Ā The topics tackled in this volume ā€“ on party-building, on the crisis of the imperialist world system, on the united front, on proletarian internationalism, and thoughts on the Programme of RCP-Canada ā€“ are elaborations on the Basis of Unity that introduces the journal and founded the organization.

Through its publication in 2009, this journal exposed points of debates and ideological struggle amongst Maoists in Canada that had previously not been exposed.

Volume 2

The second edition of Revolutionary Initiativeā€™s Journal and newly entitled Uprising takes on the question of dual power, asking questions of what possibilities exist for new organizations of the proletariat in the face of ā€˜austerityā€™ policies. In the midst of the Quebec Student Strike of 2012, this issue of Uprising engages with the question of how revolutionary communists should engage in broader social movements and in the course of mass work amongst the proletarian masses.

Volume 3

In the midst of the Idle No More movement, Volume 3 of Uprising was published. Its contents engage questions of the relationship between Indigenous liberation across on Turtle Island/North America and the struggle for communism. Among other articles includes a continuation of the discussion on dual power.

Volume 4

In Volume 4 of Uprising, the discussion of dual power continues from previous volumes. But a shift of the discussion is signalled with the publication of a deeper study of the revolutionary theoretical contributions of Antonio Gramsci, and its import for Maoism in the imperialist countries. This edition also contains an article on revolutionary developments in Latin America.

Volume 5

The content of Volume 5 of Uprising introduces theorizations from Revolutionary Initiative on questions of womenā€™s liberation and the super-exploitation of women. This volume also contains an external contribution from a US-based Kenny Lake, whose debut piece in this volume takes up some of the theoretical/political questions from Volume 4 concerning Gramsci and Mao in relation to the founding and rise of the Communist Party of Peru (Shining Path).

Volume 6

Volume 6 of Uprising offers some limited and partial reflections on the work of Revolutionary Initiative (RI) up until 2015, with documents identifying a series of erroneous tendencies and practices in the organization. Ā Among the questions engaged are social movementism, anti-imperialism, and mass work. The articles in this journal offer sharpened understandings of mass line practice, pedagogy, and the organizationā€™s practice of proletarian internationalism.

Volume 7

This volume of Uprising deals with the question of how to conceptualize and understand the proletariat in the 21st century, from the periphery of the imperialist world system to its core metropolises. Ā A contribution from RI engages general categories of class and various class strata in contemporary imperialist Canada, while the first in a 4-part series from external contributor Kenny Lake approaches the question from the vantage point of the imperialist world system as a whole.

Volume 8

Volume 8 of Uprising marks the 10-year anniversary of the organization and the feature of this edition is an extensive critical summation of the organizationā€™s political work and party-building over its decade of work. Ā While RIā€™s 10-year summation analyzes ā€˜deviationsā€™ in its mass work and party-building over the years, a document on communist leadership and mass work attempts to theorize new methods of work as part of a new wave of base-building of the organization. This volume also contains Ā ā€œThings done changed,ā€ the second part in Kenny Lakeā€™s series on transformation of the imperialist world system and the international proletariat.

These 8 issues can each be purchased individually, or as a bundle, from leftwingbooks.net

The contents of each issue of this journal and all editions of Uprising can be found atĀ www.revolutionary-initiative.com.

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