Caledonia Stand-off: This Morning’s Update & Media Round-Up

According the CKRZ FM’ 9am report, all is quiet at the Reclamation Site this morning.

Ontario Hydro is claiming that the electricity is out because of sabotage – presumably the power tower which was brought down to reinforce the new First Nations barricade – and that it will remain out for days.
There’s lots of mainstream news reports out there. The way in which some of them tell the story is (purposefully?) unclear, so it is worth remembering the order of events: First Nations people took down their barricade as a show of good faith, settlers continued to maintain a racist anti-Native barricade, settlers initiated violence against First Nations people, then finally as an act of self-defense the First Nations people re-established their barricade. According to the Toronto Sun after the barricade was first re-established people from the First Nations side were still trying to reason directly with the white mob, offering a truce and de-escalation and still offering to take down the barricade. It was only once this was refused that they brought in heavy machinery and dug up the road.

So please, let’s be clear: above and beyond questions of sovereignty and decolonization, at this point we are talking about actions of legitimate self-defense.

Very quickly:



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