PP/POW Calendar 2004



artwork from calendar  Blockade Salmon

artwork by Tania Willard, Secwepemc NationResistance to Repression"In Search of Lost Time"“In Search of Lost Time”, by Mexican Political Prisoner Jacobo Silva

FOCUSING ON: Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War in Canada and the United States. Both countries officially deny that they have political prisoners, just as the South African government claimed that Nelson Mandela was not a prisoner of war in that country until internal and international pressure won his release. FEATURING PAGES ON:

  • The Anti-War Movement, yesterday and today (by David Gilbert, artwork by Tomi Ungerer)
  • The Cuban Five (by Oscar López Rivera, artwork by Leonardo Hechavarria and Marcel Hatch)
  • Secwepemc Nation says: “Boycott Sun Peaks Resort!” (by Secwepemc Elders, artwork by Tania Willard)
  • Incommunicado: Dispatches from a Political Prisoner (by Marilyn Buck, artwork by Tiffany Sankary)
  • US Occupation of Iraq (by Jalil Abdul Muntaqim, artwork by Theodore A. Harris)
  • The Struggle is Here in Aztlan, not in Iraq (by Isabel Pe?a, artwork by Malaquias Montoya)
  • Arab and Muslim Immigrants Under Fire (by Hatem Abudayyeh, photo of No One Is Illegal)
  • Music and Liberation (by Kamel Jacot-Bell, artwork by Zolo Agona Azania)
  • Women’s Imprisonment in the U.S. (by Nancy Kurshan, artwork by Christine Wong and Lucha)
  • Jews Against the Occupation (by Laura Whitehorn, artwork by Josée Lambert)
  • The School of the American Empire (by Mumia Abu-Jamal, artwork by Insurgent Commander Antonio)
  • The Struggle of Non-Status Algerians in Canada (by Mohamed Cherfi)

All funds raised by Calendar Commitee will go to direct support of political prisoners and anti-imperialist struggles. Funds are being shared between the New York State Task Force on Political Prisoners, the Palestinian group Adameer (Conscience) Prisoners and Human Rights Association, the Victory Gardens Project, the Native Youth Movement, the Voice of Cerro Hueco, the Albert Nuh Washington Fund, and the Malcolm X Grassroots Organizing Committee. This project is a collaboration between outside organizers and U.S. Political Prisoners Herman Bell, Robert Seth Hayes and David Gilbert.

K. KersplebedebK. KersplebedebK. Kersplebedeb

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