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Support the Struggle in Mexico!

Since 1998, Kersplebedeb has been selling “EZLN” t-shirts on behalf of Solidarity, a local revolutionary collective in  Montreal. Its a nice shirt, available in sizes small to xl in black and grey, and small to xxl on white. This is what it looks like:    

To order this shirt, just send me an email . Let me know what size and colour you would prefer. You can also order it using PayPal directly on my website by clicking here .

To see all of my other t-shirts, check out my gallery .

Most of the profits (over $1,300 Canadian) from the sale of this shirt have been sent to Mexico, to support the revolutionary struggle there. 

In 2001, about $700 was sent to the Zapatista support base of displaced populations of Polho, in the municipality of Chenalho, Chiapas. These are over 6,000 people who fled their homes to escape attacks by death squads supported by the Mexican government. Many of them came from the town of Acteal following the massacre of 45 people by one such death squad in December 1997. Polho has declared itself an autonomous community. The community consists of nine settlements scattered over several square miles of mountainous terrain.

Also in 2001, about $700 raised through the sale of EZLN shirts went to support Zapatista political prisoners, through the Voz de Cerro Hueco organization. This Zapatista prisoner organization was created in 1996 in response to the unjust imprisonment of Zapatista supporters under a regime that continues to attack indigenous populations that struggle for their rights.

“We are community organizers and support base, sympathizers, autonomists, human rights promoters, catechizers and simple observers as well as those of us who live in Chiapas, yet maintain no direct tie to the social movement. We come from different parts of the province and we speak a variety of native languages. Some of us don’t speak any Spanish. Some of us are not even from Chiapas. We fight for a life with justice and dignity, peace and progress which ultimately respects and strengthens our pluri-ethnic values… from the savagery of capitalism and neoliberal globalization.”

While most political prisoners have been released during the last three months (2001), on July 25th 2001, 9 remained incarcerated despite being falsely charged and unfairly tried.

International support has been and is key to a government so highly concerned about its image. These prisoners and their families have faced extensive physical and psychological abuse at the hands of government authorities and deserve to be reunited with their families and communities.

In 2002 $1000 was sent to the Frente de Organizaciones Democraticas del Estado de Guerrero (FODEG), in order to aid their full amnesty campaign for political prisoners in the state of Guerrero. The FODEG’s website, with information in French and Spanish, is

Due to a personal falling out with the person who originally made the screens for this shirt, this is the last batch i will be able to make in order to raise money for the struggle in Mexico. If anybody has any designs that they think would be appropriate for a t-shirt fundraiser for the struggle in Mexico, please feel encouraged to get in touch .

I also sell these two nifty EZLN-supporter buttons:


Apart from the EZLN t-shirt and buttons, i also distribute some literature dealing with revolutionary life in Mexico:    

Broadening the Struggle and Winning the Media War – “Marcos Mystique”, “Guerilla Chic” and Zapatista P.R. , by Nicholas Henck. A sympathetic look at the relationship of the EZLN guerilla army, and more specifically its charismatic spokesman Marcos, and the world media and liberal opinion. $3.50 Communiqués of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), Jan.-Aug. 1996, Early communiqués from the EZLN. 36 pages. $2.00 Comunal Comunal: palabras desde las comunidades del Consejo Indigena Popular de Oaxaca ‘Ricardo Flores Magon’ , by CIPO-RFM and Ce-Acatl. Written entirely in Spanish, a fully illustrated book looking at the indigenous “Ricardo Flores Magon” community in Oaxaca state, Mexico.IMPORTANT ALERT: as of September 2004 the CIPO-RFM has been facing heavy repression in the Mexican state of Oaxaca – for more information click here!  80 pages $10.00 EZLN EZLN Communiques #1 – Navigating the Seas . A collection of Zapatista National Liberation Army communiques, from December 22nd 97 – January 29th 98. This particular body of communiques captures the events in Chiapas during a time of extreme tension and unease – the massacre of Acteal and the military incursions. A very fine collection, beautifully produced, with photographs, an introduction, maps of southern Mexico, a glossary and resource guide. $3.00 EZLN Communiques #3 EZLN Communiques #3 – Masks and Silences . The 3rd in the beautifully produced and translated series of missives from the jungles of southern Mexico, these from April-July 1998. $3.00 EZLN Communiques #4 EZLN Communiques #4 – The War Against Forgetting . Brand new installment of communiques, statements and analysis from the mountains of southeast Mexico. This batch covers August-November 1998. As ever, they are beautifully produced, and complete with maps, and an extensive, updated contacts list. $3.00 Magonismo Magonismo y movimiento indigena en mexico , by Juan Carlos Beas, Manuel Ballesteros and Benjamin Maldonado. Entirely in Spanish, this pamphlet explores the indigenous roots of Mexican anarchism, specifically the thought of Ricardo Flores Magon. The text of this pamphlet is also available on the internet at . 62 pages $5.00   Women in the Zapatistas Women in the Zapatistas; a short compilation of texts relating to the experiences of women in the EZLN. 24 pages $3.00 Ya Basta: Ten Years of the Zapatista Uprising – Writings of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos. Includes forewords by Noam Chomsky and Noami Klein; edited and with a contribution by Ziga Vodovnik. In the interests of revolutionary completism, his mammoth volume includes all of the major and minor texts, declarations and statements by Subcomandante Marcos, spokesperson of the Zapatistas, as of late 2003. Also includes loads of photos, and the five Declarations from the Lacondon Jungle. 685 pages $26.95 Zapatistas in Their Own Words, An interview with EZLN spokesperson Marcos and a couple of manifestos. $2.00

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