Christian Klar Videos on Youtube

RAF veteran Christian Klar

For those of you who understand German, you may want to check out these video interviews with Christian Klar on Youtube:

Klar is one of the last remaining Red Army Faction political prisoners being held by the German State (the others being Eva Haule, Birgit Hogefeld and Brigitte Mohnhaupt, who is soon to be released).

Klar has been in the news recently as there has been talk of his being pardoned, just as his with fellow RAF member Mohhaupt was recently paroled. Bourgeois commentators have been shitting themselves in anger, as – from what i know – this veteran of the revolutionary struggle has maintained his politics, and remains an outspoken opponent of capitalism (see for instance this article from Deutsche Welle), even though he has expressed the very humane emotion of regret about the suffering of the RAF’s targets.

The Red Army Faction was one of the most audacious and advanced of the metropolitan armed struggle organizations, carrying out numerous attacks in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. A complete collection of Red Army Faction documents, translated into english, are available online here.


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