Churchill: I Do Not Work For Bill Owens

Churchill speaks: ‘I do not work for Bill Owens’
Feb 9, 2005News4Colorado

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) A defiant Ward Churchill told a standing-room-only crowd he will not back down from his views. Tuesday night the controversial University of Colorado professor spoke to a full crowd inside CU’s Glenn Miller ballroom about his controversial comments concerning Sept. 11 victims. Churchill also spoke out against those calling for his resignation. Churchill made that point clear, as he delivered his first public lecture since coming under fire for the essay that compares those who died in the World Trade Center attack to Nazi’s. With the American Indian movement by his side, Churchill spoke to a crowd of mostly supporters. And, he was defiant. “I’m not backing up an inch,” Churchill said. “I owe no one an apology.” Churchill accused the media of distorting his words. He also accused Gov. Bill Owens of playing politics. “I do not work for taxpayers, I do not work for Bill Owens,” he said. While Churchill took some questions from the audience, the media was not invited to ask questions. Last night’s lecture almost didn’t happen. CU officials cancelled the event because of death threats. But then the students who reported those threats retracted them. Since the controversy started Churchill has had three appearances cancelled by other colleges and universities. The University of Wisconsin is still deciding if Churchill will be allowed to speak next month.

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