Counter-insurgency Panel on Recent Protests in England

Please take the hour and some minutes to watch this video, which i learned about through the Sons of Malcolm blog.

Four counter-insurgency professionals from the UK discuss recent militant protests in London, and the best ways to isolate and repress the radical left.

As a public document, it is not surprising that there are no theoretical breakthroughs here, however there are an astonishing number of very candid quotes. Open talk of the “feral underclass” and the need to target it for political neutralization, all the while exercising as much ideological control as possible: i.e. “the government or the politicians have to kettle the political debate as efficiently as the met kettles rioters.”

This is our enemies talking, and probably not thinking that we would be listening. It is a good occasion for us – even if you don’t learn anything listening to this, the examples of what they are saying may be useful in educating others.

Take the time. Take some notes. Do some thinking.


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