COVID-19 Resources

What a lot has changed in just a couple of weeks.

Plans have changed, lives have changed. We’d best gear up quickly, the dress rehearsal is over. Hic Rhodus, Hic Salta, indeed.

The following COVID-19 resources may be useful to many of you; if you know of similar resources not on this list, send me an email and let me know.

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Basic Advice

Should You Wear Masks? (yes, but you shouldn’t hoard them, and only if there are enough for medical and high risk people, and keep in mind they only offer very limited protection)



Montreal Resources and Projects


Head & Hands need community support, in order to be able to keep on supporting the community – this is a master list of requests Head and Hands have for donations and tasks. Could people in Montreal who have some energy and ability to do things take a look? H&H can reimburse you for costs.

These kinds of services are so essential and H&H is one of the few staying open – plus they are actively supporting in important ways other groups who need it as much as they do.

Click on the link for all the info and list – and here is a summary of the asks.

Harm Reduction:

? If you are shopping and see disinfectants, could you buy some and drop them off?
? Do you know any chemists or biologists at universities who would stock rubbing alcohol that is unused right now, due to the university closures?
? Would you be available to take kits of small travel sized bottles apart and reorganize them for us? This would require 2-3 hours of work, which would be done from your home (we can drop off and pick up, depending on where you are). We would need you to be a person who has not been exposed to the virus (e.g. are social distancing, but not in quarantine or isolation).
? Do you have a water cooler you could purchase or donate to us for mobile hand washing stations?


? Would you be willing to purchase key grocery items and drop them off at Head and Hands?
? If you are able to buy us rice, oats, or cereal in bulk, would you also be able to pre-package them in medium Ziplocs (3 cups per bag?).
? If your food bank has closed, can the food you would have received be rerouted to us?


Full document here:


Ottawa Resources

Check out the Punch Up Collective’s page of Links and Resources Useful During COVID-19:


DIY Interventions




What’s Going On

Environmental and Societal Origins of Pandemic



Some Political Analysis

(these are posts to read and evaluate by your own standards, sharing does not mean 100% agreement)




And debunking the biowar conspiracy theory:




Confined in a Time of COVID-19

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