David Gilbert Interviewed by TREYF

For those of you who don’t know, Treyf is one of the best podcasts out there — “A debatably Jewish podcast. Recorded at CKUT in Montreal (on occupied Kanien’kehá:ka territory), in the shadow of the cross of secularism, Sam Bick and David Zinman reflect on the political discussions that are happening (and not happening) in North American Jewish communities.”

In April, Sam and David went on a trip to Buffalo, NY to speak with anti-imperialist political prisoner David Gilbert. They talked about his Jewish upbringing, what he learned from the Weather Underground, and how his thinking has changed over time.

We strongly recommend checking out the interview, which you can listen to at https://soundcloud.com/treyfpodcast/43-david-gilbert, and also Treyf’s shows in general, which can be accessed via their site https://treyfpodcast.wordpress.com/

They also put together a nice list of links to background material (wp.me/p6SqlI-bX); as visitors to Kersplebedeb know, we also have a number of texts by and about David Gilbert, which can be accessed at https://kersplebedeb.com/posts/category/authors/gilbert/

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