Day 170/365 – God Loves Assholes by Great Beyond

Realizing the potential inherent drama, I’ve always wanted to photograph the nut jobs from the Westboro Baptist Church in action, but I’ve always been far too lazy to actually go and track them down. But hey, when The Demented Fred Phelps Roadshow comes to town, that’s actually close enough for me to go snap some pictures! And so I got my lazy ass off the couch to go snap some shots of these crazy mutherfuckers.

The problem is – the WBC didn’t show up! So here’s probably a hundred fags dykes and queers ready to counter-protest and no one to throw around slurs! How very disappointing! And I couldn’t be bothered to head downtown to the Slut March later that day to catch the second half of their sin double-header, so you get this picture from the Annual Pride Picnic of the counter-protesters.

Ah well, back to my life of fornicating and sodomy and debauchery and sin I guess!

via Flickr

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