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Absolutely everyone has been messed up by the current crisis. Plans in the trashcan, lots of uncertainty, feelings of not being sure what will happen, and real concrete not-metaphorical misery.

i gotta be very clear, i am in a far less fucked up situation than most people, and as a project Kersplebedeb Publishing has the benefit of being very small (meaning: very little overhead), so there is a good chance we’ll make it through this in some form.

Some of you have very kindly contacted me asking how you can donate to help us out. If you have extra cash and want to throw some of it at this project, i could certainly find use for it. We still have books we are hoping to publish, and will definitely need funds to get that done. It also increasingly takes money just to maintain an online presence. And, finally, there are comrades and projects within our networks who require assistance.

So while i encourage you to think of other places which might have a better use for support, if you would like to help this little project out, it would of course be very appreciated. You can do so via our link here:

K. KersplebedebK. KersplebedebK. Kersplebedeb

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