Enemies of the State

  Enemies of the State

a frank discussion of past political movements, victories and errors, and the current political climate for revolutionary struggle within the u.s.a.

with European-American anti-imperialist political prisoners Marilyn Buck, David Gilbert and Laura Whitehorn

“The government and mainstream media have used their formidable powers to prevent real information about political prisoners Marilyn Buck, David Gilbert, Laura Whitehorn, and others from getting out. Small wonder. Like John Brown and those who stood with him, they are white people who took arms against the U.S. government, in solidarity with the oppressed. Invisible in the social democratic or liberal histories of the 1960s is the logic of their progression from public to clandestine activism. These three interviewed here help us to understand an important part of radical history so often distorted. They stood accused of such “unthinkable crimes” as infiltrating the Klan, robbing money from banks and giving it to Black self-defense patrols, helping to liberate famed Black Liberation Army (BLA) leader Assata Shakur from prison, bombing the Capitol Building in response to the U.S. invasion of Grenada, and bombing the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association after the brutal murder of a Black grandmother by NYC police. We hope that this pamphlet will help reintroduce these dedicated people to the movement and help us all with the ongoing task of figuring out the role of white radicals.”

-from the Introduction, by Meg Starr (Resistance in Brooklyn)

Enemies of the State is available for $3 plus postage from Kersplebedeb. Email me for more details.  

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