Exporting Kindle Highlights Without a Kindle (if you are on amazon.ca)

At first glance, it seemed impossible to access highlighted sections of a kindle book via email, because my kindle is linked to my amazon.ca account. While there are many guides to checking your highlights online (and exporting them) if you have an amazon.com account, these initially did not show any of my books.

The following solution worked for me, though it was clumsy as all hell.

First off, register a parallel amazon.com ID, using the same email address as on amazon.ca

Next log into your amazon.ca account to manage your kindle.

Once all of your books show up in your amazon.ca account, log into amazon.com using your parallel ID.

Now go to https://kindle.amazon.com/your_highlights

It seems to work, for the moment at least!

Now if i could only figure out how to get the highlights to show the page number, and not just the ebook location, where they are from…

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