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Israel is holding more than 5000 Palestinians in its prisons. 200 of them are children. The report by The Palestinian Prisoners Society says there are also 15 women among the prisoners. The group says Palestinian prisoners are subjected to torture and maltreatment in Israeli jails, with 1,400 of them suffering critical health conditions. It also says that 150 Palestinian prisoners are suffering from serious diseases such as cancer. Four have lost their lives this year alone due to their illnesses. The group is urging the international community and human rights organizations to take action against Israel. Meanwhile, international human rights organizations are demanding Israel to “immediately lift its blockade” on the besieged Gaza Strip. British human rights organization Amnesty International condemned the Israeli blockade and wanted Israel to allow “the delivery of fuel and other essential supplies into the territory without restrictions.” It said that the situation in Gaza had deteriorated significantly in the last month as “Gaza’s 1.7 million residents have been living without power for most of the time and in the shadow of a public health catastrophe, after their sole power plant was forced to shut down, causing the failure of several sewerage and water plants.” Gaza has been under Israel’s siege since 2006.
How do define the Israeli violations?
What do you think about the response by the international community, including the UN, to the ongoing siege and other Israeli violations?
Does Israel enjoy exceptionalism? Why?
What do you think the world needs to do to defend the rights of Palestinians?…

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