Free Range Predators

Hellfire missiles
From remote controlled drones,
Spy-techs collect convo’s
From the cellphones,
Data banks are bulgin
To control the zones,
Reactionary agents with the ruse
Of immigration
Subjugate the nations
With neo-colonization,
Productive forces paralyzed
As capital is restructured,
Oppressive apparatus of the state
Promotes bloodsuckers,
Free range predators
Eatin’ off of every plate,
IMF consolidated
Church, Bank & the State,
Educated fools,
A New World out of Order,
Where corporations make the State
Wage wars & paint borders,
Halliburton, Xe
Kellogg, Brown & Roots
Independent contractors
Robots in steel boots,
NASDAQ hegemony
No friends, all enemies,
Concentrated forces
Move from white to green supremacy,
Crusader gangsters,
Give a damn about the aftermath
From Panama to Pakistan
Mexicans or Afrikans,
Plans in effect to
Disintegrate your dreams,
Torn recession moans
To screams,
Change life, as We know it,
Into a crime scene!


Sanyika Shakur
Pelican Bay – SHU


Sanyika ShakurSanyika ShakurSanyika Shakur

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