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Be sure to check out the International Terrorist website free art section!

Anti-War/Anti-Dubya Artwork on the Net

Mikey Fluegnock's Posters
International Terrorist'
Mikey Flugenock’s anti-war posters are up at
the International Terrorist website has dozens of free images to download, as well as PDF posters and digital photos of anti-war demos and agitprop; go to
War Head
Not My Government

Mid-Atlantic Infoshop

StreetRecCollective has excellent heads at
Not My Government Dot Com has posters, stickers and more to download at
Mi-Atlantic Infoshop Anti-War Graphics at
No War! poster
Walthamstow Anarchist Group
Posters for Peace
Walthamstow Anarchist Group has PDFs and JPGsat
Get Your War On


Anarchist and Libertarian Image Archive  

Apoplectic Press – has a nice activist web art section

Flag anarchist picture archive – pix of famous anarchists dead and alive

Mid Atlantic Infoshop Graphics Kiosk

Mad Butcher Records & anti-fascist art gallery (low resolution)

Radical Art high resolution graphics available to be downloaded into your next leaflet

Radikala-Arkivet (enormous)

Revolutionary Unionism 101 image library

Rini Templeton A collection of the late Rini Templeton’s activist drawings free for downloading

Spunk Press images

Soman’s Revolutionary Socialist Picture Archive


Revolutionary Posters and Paintings

Anarchist Images: Posters from the Labadie Collection . The Internet Public Library presents anarchist posters from around the world. Worth checking out.

Art for a Change is the BURN server’s fantastic archive of revolutionary artists past and present.

Art to the People is an incredible digitized art exhibit of a bunch of revolutionary artists from the 1880s to the 1930s – great web site!

Beehive Collective – incredible poster collective, who have uploaded some of their designs

The Billboard Liberation Front now has its own homepage, where you can view improved billboards and read their manifesto.

Caped Masked and Armed also maintains a section of photographs of graffiti and other street art

The Chairman Smiles has an amazing collection of posters from Stalinist and Communist regimes of the USSR, People’s Republic of China and Cuba

Chicago Women’s Graphics Collective archives posters from the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s.

Cleansurface is an online gallery of subversive street graffiti, defaced billboards, stickers and more. Real people’s art!

The Communist Homepage has an extensive collection of unabashedly Stalinist and Communist artwork, photos, etc. – Uncle Joe with a vengeance!

Docs Populi is Lincoln Cushing’s excellent site, devoted to documenting, cataloging, and disseminating socially and politically significant graphic material which otherwise might be left behind in the digital revolution.

Radical artist Eric Drooker has his own website with many of his beautiful paintings and graphics. The design on my popular “ Too Little Justice Too Many Cops ” shirt is a Drooker classic.

Graphic Witness dedicated to social commentary through graphic imagery by artists working from the turn of the 20th Century to the present, with related bibliographic and biographic data.

Guerrilla Girls are a cool feminist art collective

John Heartfield archive

Lebanese and Palestine-related posters collected from 1960s-1980s at the American University of BeirutMikey Flugenock has created a large and wonderful political comic series of posters

Tom Manning , a revolutionary political prisoner, is also an artist whose work is available on the web

Palestine – the exodus and the odyssey art exhibit

Bill Fisher’s Art Department: No Hate

Stickers, Postcards and Fliers

The following sites specialize in images made for use as stickers or postcards:

Think Again (radical queer stuff) Fliers from – trans and accessibility activism


Artwork Behind Bars

The prison activist resource center has scanned and uploaded paintings by Bernard Patrick, a social prisoner, on to their website . I have also recently uploaded artwork by Peter Collins, a 41 year old prisoner currently in his 20th year of a sentence of 25 years to life in Canada for killing a policeman, to my site here . The Free Battered Women website has a section of artwork and testimonials by battered women prisoners.Prison Art – Prison Art, a non-profit website created to provide an online outlet for the sale of crafts and artwork created by prisoners. Inmate artists from throughout the U.S. can post there works within. Each item of art or craft is posted with the artist’s name, the prison he or she is incarcerated in, and in some cases a short biography of the artist is included.


Caped, Masked and Armed maintains a great selection of photographs by superhero Jonathan McintoshCops at Montreal anti-WTO protests (July 2003) – some high res photos of copsYann Derais – redskin photographer (in French) Kick It Til It Breaks features photos of punk shows, skateboarding, the anti-FTAA protests in Quebec City 2001 and (my favourite) lots of demos and protests

Photographs from anti-globalization protests

Other Links

Alexigloo AlexCite – neat stuff!Art and Revolution  Black Mustache is Haik Hosinton’s outstanding collection of political computer art and animationJusticeDesign: Graphic Design for Social ChangeRefuse and Resist’s Artist Network has some interesting stuff worth checking out

Hope Breathing Life : Postcards for Liberation

by Zolo Agona Azania

I am soooo overwhelmingly happy to be able to announce the recent publication of this book of postcards, featuring the artwork of New Afrikan political prisoner Zolo Agona Azania. This was a project that could not have comen about without the wonderful work by the people in the No Death Penalty for Zolo Committee in Chicago. Zolo Agona Azania is not only a remarkable artist, but also one of the numerous African-Americans who await execution as a result of a racist criminal justice system. Moreover he is a politically conscious activist, who at the time of his arrest and capture in 1981, was actively involved in the movement for the self-determination of African-American people. The fact that he defined himself as a New Afrikan and was committed to the liberation and independence of Black people within the borders of the U.S., directly influenced the way the police, the prosecution, and the Indiana courts denied him a fair trial and fanned the flames of prejudice to obtain the death penalty. Throughout his ordeal, Zolo has maintained a strong spirit of hope and a commitment to justice for all. From Zolo’s tribute to the struggle of Emmett Tilll’s family to his depiction of the story of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the paintings collected in this book are a testament of this spirit. Please check out this book, order copies for yourelf, for the progressive bookstore of distro in your town, for your friends and comrades. Proceeds from the sale of this book are being used to support Zolo’s fight for his life.

Hope Breathing Life: Postcards for Liberation, by Zolo Agona Azania

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