Good News Regarding Russell Maroon Shoatz

The following good news regarding New Afrikan Prisoner of War Russell Maroon Shoatz:

New Afrikan Political Prisoner/POW Russell “Maroon” Shoatz suffered from
chest pains for weeks while prison officials repeatedly ignored his demands for appropriate medical attention. On April 26 outside pressure at last forced SCI Greene to allow him to see a heart specialist. An echocardiograph test did not show any problems. Medical staff at Greene attributes the pains and other symptoms to angina, which they believe to be controllable by a change in diet, a daily dose of aspirin and, in the case of an emergency, nitroglycerin tablets.

Letters and phone calls on Maroon’s behalf made all the difference in this situation; another person incarcerated at SCI Greene waited 2 years for similar tests. SCI Greene and prisons throughout Pennsylvania need to get a message that Maroon receiving these tests does not mean that we have stopped paying attention. Medical neglect of this kind is immoral and unacceptable.

Consider writing to Maroon or joining the Human Rights Coalition’s Stop the
Abuse campaign to talk about ways to keep making positive change.

Russell Maroon Shoatz
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370

Human Rights Coalition


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