Halifax Anarchist Bookfair Postponed Until Sunday Because of Hurricane Dorian

Organizers of the 2nd Annual Halifax Anarchist Bookfair have decided to postpone the bookfair, which was to take place tomorrow, to Sunday September 8th, due to the impending landfall of Hurricane Dorian in Halifax sometime tomorrow afternoon.

We arrived in Halifax today not really sure what the situation would be. The call that the organizers made seems to be a good one, prioritizing people’s safety. They also have stated that there will be a mutual aid disaster relief assembly starting early Sunday.

We still can’t be sure what the situation will be, but we are hoping the damage is not too severe, and that we will get to see many of you on Sunday.

The organizers’ statement follows:

Emergency update: Please share widely

It has recently come to our attention that Hurricane Dorian is going to come earlier and more severe than originally predicted. We want people to stay safe at home tomorrow out of the storm.


We will also be having a Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Assembly starting early Sunday.

There will be some people there on Saturday for all the people that don’t see this post! There will also be at least a couple big distros there too!

Thanks for your understanding, please come! See you Sunday. Stay safe and out of harm’s way.


On Sunday, the consulta and the bookfair will be happening at 5450 Russell St, Halifax, NS B3K 1W9. Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/823783384687587/


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