Halifax Anarchist Bookfair Workshop Schedule


Room 1
The Rojava Revolution – presented by Rojava Montreal

Feminism, equality, ecology and direct democracy: a discussion of the Rojava revolution from an anarchist perspective. In 2016 a member of Rojava Montreal went in Rojava and joined the YPG. They will discuss how this revolution emerge and how it evolved.

Room 2
Resisting Arrest – presented by Trish

Learn to resist the fear of arrest by increasing awareness and knowledge of how it is to be arrested and face charges in the context of political activism. For those who haven’t attended a standard legal workshop, we’ll briefly cover our [theoretical] legal rights and common charges, but the focus will centre on the experience of being arrested, navigating the court system, preparing for sentencing and going to jail. The hope is that by sharing information and demystifying the process individuals will be more prepared and empowered to take action themselves – even when it may involve risk.

12 – 1pm
Room 1
Against Politicians, Even the Nice Ones: an introduction to anarchist and anti-state politics

Room 2
Towards Abolition: Community Assembly on Prisoner Justice – facilitated by El Jones

A community discussion on building movements for prisoner justice and acting in solidarity with #BlackAugustNorth

1:15 – 2:15pm
Room 1
Transforming Justice: Alternatives to State Punishment – facilitated by Crisis Solidarity Network

A workshop and facilitated discussion on the importance of conflict resolution in anarchist circles as a means to repair communities and to move away from the prison industrial complex.

Room 2
Climate Justice Assembly – facilitated by Nivie Dhami and Stephen Thomas

2:30 – 3:30pm
Room 1
East Hamilton Rent Strike

Hear from key organizers from the East Hamilton Rent Strike, who have organized tenants in about 140 units to withhold rent from landlords in protest of a proposed 10 per cent rent hike and to demand repairs to units.

Room 2
Queer Struggle: Not just an Identity

As queers how do we relation to our spaces often being on the frontiers of gentrification? How do we navigate access to space within capitalism? What does this struggle mean when we are also trying to actively resist capitalism? What does intersectionality look like within queer struggles? How do we, in our fight, ensure that we do not leave anyone behind?

3:45 – 4:45pm
Room 1
10 minute hobby skills – facilitated by Trish

This sketchy-seeming (but perfectly legal) workshop will be a practical way for participants to learn & experience an eclectic variety of practical life and hobby skills in small time blocks. Wanna send a new potential lover some consensual sexy pics? We’ll cover a brief introduction to obtaining and using a few functions of TAILS – including how to remove identifying metadata. Always losing your house key but have access to a paperclip? Learn the theory behind basic lock-picking! Then get some hands-on skills and the feel for working with a variety of common tools (power and hand) as we begin the process of making a barrel that you can lock yourself, some bikes, or a canoe to!

This workshop will open with an example of a security culture vouching activity, but it will not be used to exclude participation. Folks can use the result to measure comfort regarding their own level of participation or observation and are welcome to use fake names & creative (or uncreative) disguises to attend (with a prize for the best one!). All power tools to be used outside

Room 2
Refugees Welcome: Community Assembly on Migrant Justice and Resisting the Far Right

Kids Room
Discussion space for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming parents


Room 2
Indigenizing the Resistance – presented by Mi’kmaq Warrior Society

Hear from members of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society as they discuss their fight for the emancipation of their Nation and their perspective on several struggles they have faced as Warriors.

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