[Hazel Hill] Nov. 5 Update from Grand River

Here is the latest update from Hazel Hill at the Reclamation Site just outside of Caledonia. I have been inconsistent in posting these updates as of late because i was away for most of October, but i’m planning on remedying that…

Canada finally laid its position on the table at the latest side table meeting of November 3rd 2006. What was it? Basically in a nutshell their position is that “it doesn’t matter if protocol was followed back in the 1800’s, it doesn’t matter if the monies that were supposed to paid for the lands were paid, it doesn’t even matter if they followed the law at the time, it only matters that the courts today will find in canada’s favour because they believe it was Six Nations intent to surrender the land”. They cited truck loads of documents that they have to back up their position. The only truck required is the manure truck to take their load of b.s. away! They even had the nerve to try to and flex their muscles by indicating that the peaceful negotiation process failed and that oh well, we tried; and further suggested that they are standing strong on their position with the Plank Road but would look at a more global approach. They made this statement without even hearing Six Nations position. You know what that tells me? Canada doesn’t want to admit its guilt and has no intention to. All week in the media they’ve been tossing this issue back and forth like a hot potato, neither the province nor the federal government wanting to take responsibility. The Federal Government is citing that they are not responsible for pre-confederation treaties or land transactions. Well then buddies, send in your Governor General or Her Majesty. Better yet, send in your pope because what this boils down to is the Law of the Land, and ultimately, we know clearly who holds title to that, and the trickery lies and deciet used to usurp that authority is well known in Creation.

Canada has the nerve to call Six Nations “lawless” and terrorists” because we adhere to the principals of our own law, the Kaierenekowah, and do not now, nor have we ever, acceded jurisdiction to the Crown. We are not Subjects, We are Allies. Yet today, what is Canada’s defense…. they didn’t have to follow the law! I guess that’s their
perogative. If that’s the case, every single person who is in the process of buying a home, buy it, but don’t pay for it. Canada says that the laws today will find in your favour because all they have to prove is intent. Better yet, all those who hold mortgages, stop paying for them. Canada says you don’t have to. Furthermore, that would exempt everyone from paying taxes on our lands as well, so i think we should organize a big tax revolt. Stop paying your taxes, put it in a trust, and Six Nations will handle that trust. It won’t matter if the monies get to benefit you, as the supposed title holder, we’ll turn the tables and do as we see fit with those dollars because ultimately, what
Canada is saying is that even though the Indian Agents at the time were lining their own pockets, bank rolling Canada at the expense of Six Nations, the law today will find in their favour. So what worked for them, should work for Six Nations.

Another reason they offered is that Six Nations had more warriors then the British had army, and that Six Nations insisted on creating their own leases, but because the British Crown refused to allow that, they were forced into disposing of our lands to look after all of the squatters. Of course, their position is that it was at the insistance of the Six Nations. Well, given a couple of hundred years of population growth, the number of warriors of the Six Nations now, coupled with the alliance of the other Indigenous Nations that are standing in solidarity with us, I would say that we still have a
stronghold on our territorial lands, and that the Crown had better realize this. If they believe that the coercion, forceful and decietful tactics that they used in the past are going to continue today and that the Onkwehonweh are going to stand by and watch this fraud continue against our brothers and sisters across Turtle Island, they had better think again. I am asking all Onkwehonweh of the World to send a clear and concise message of solidarity with the Six Nations to the Crown’s representatives and remind them that their responsibility to honour and uphold the treaties, take responsibility for its actions of fraud and misappropriation of trust, and to come to the table with the intent to resolve the situation rather than to try and deter from the Truth; otherwise their actions are contrary to Peace. The Onkwehonweh are standing strong and will continue to. We are not going to be bullied into acceptance of the biggest conspiracy and fraud known as Canada, and we will not tolerate Canada’s attempt to be judge and jury in this case! Main Table meets on the 9th of November, and Six Nations will be presenting its rebuttal to the history of the Crown at the lands side table on November 14th. Will keep you posted.

As far as life at the site, we have welcomed many visitors to the site in the past few weeks. Yesterday, there were visitors from Columbia who shared their history, which was pretty much the same as our’s having gone through acts of genocide, theft and encroachment of their homelands etc. etc.; they were able to make a presentation at Chiefs Council as well. They will be sending us a flag when they go home.

Last week I received correspondence from supporters in Melbourne Australia and they are going to be sending two flags for us to fly in solidarity at the site. An Australian flag and their Aboriginal flag. I am overwhelmed with all of the letters of unity and support, the visitors who stop in with supplies, for all of those individuals and organizations who have helped out financially, and to all those who keep sending their prayers……Nya Weh!

The United Nations of Love and Light will continue to Inflict Peace
throughout the World and Truth and Justice for Creation will Prevail.

In Love Light and Peace,



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