Hazel Hill: Update From Grand River August 6th

It has been a while since i have had an update from the Reclamation Site at Six Nations, outside Caledonia, so i was happy to receive this written by Hazel Hill earlier today. As always, i have added paragraph breaks for easier reading:

Update from Grand River August 6th, 2006

Thanks for being patient about updates!¬†¬†I’ve had a few e-mails wondering what’s happening and I have been trying for a few days to get to it.

¬†¬†First of all, Nya Weh Kowah! to all of you who have continued to get the word out to other people, countries, and organizations.¬†¬†The support keeps growing!¬†¬†Our commUNITY friends group has posted the billboard size World Map of Supporters at the front gate entrance and its looking good.¬†¬†They’ve still a few places to add, and mark the supporters but it does show the world that the Haudenesonne/Six Nations are not alone.

  As far as updates with respect to negotiations, there is not much to say.  The main negotiating table has established 4 side tables to cover areas that are just getting in the way of the main reason we are all here, the land!  The four tables are Consultation, Archaeology/Landscaping, Douglas Creek/Plank Road and Education.

The side table dealing with education is one that was established because of all of the racism that is being displayed.¬†¬†It doesn’t stop.¬†¬†There are still some of our people who continue to try and support our neighbours and shop in Caledonia, but the treatment of some of them seriously lends to question why.

¬†¬†As far as economics, caledonia business have been supported from the government right from the beginning so i don’t see why they are so concerned.¬†¬†They got their money.¬†¬†After all, that is their only concern.¬†¬†And the government was very quick to give it.¬†¬†What did they have to wait, a couple of months?¬†¬†As a matter of fact, according to the CCA (Caledonia Citizens Alliance) minutes, they were assured that they would get their money and that the Six Nations WOULD NOT GET ANYTHING.¬†¬†Of course they had to let things quiet down and make it look like they were these poor victims of a society who tolerates violence and “domestic terrorism”¬†¬†(their latest description of our reclamation); but they did as they were told, and got exactly what they were promised.¬†¬†Doesn’t surprise me none.

¬†¬†As a matter of fact, it is exactly what the people have been saying all along.¬†¬†Canada doesn’t give two cents to the Onkwehonweh people because it cannot afford to.¬†¬†If they give a dime, then they have to acknowledge all of the wrongs they have committed and as i’ve stated before, Canada doesn’t print enough to pay the Onkwehonweh what it owes them.¬†¬†They don’t even print enough to pay just the Six Nations let alone all of the Onkwehonweh Territories. Imagine what will happen to their so-called country if they had to settle all of their land claims.¬†¬†That is the bottom line.¬†¬†They can’t. And my gut is telling me they have no intention of doing so.

¬†¬† While they continue to play the political games of divide and conquer, they are dragging this thing out and pacifying the neighbourhood at the same time.¬†¬†Course, by the sounds of it, the Crown is negotiating more with CCA then they are with our people.¬†¬†Even Ramsay has met with them, and he hasn’t even made any attempt to meet with Six Nations.¬†¬†The “stakeholders” as they like to call it.¬†¬†People with an interest in the land.

¬†¬†First of all, Caledonia are NOT stakeholders, nor do they have an interest in the land.¬†¬†It is not theirs.¬†¬†It is ours.¬†¬†And while the politicians keep backpeddling over statements they make and the media gets ahold of them more or less giving Caledonia the impression that it is theirs and they have no intention of just giving it back to us, and oh by the way, even if it is theirs, WE’LL help them decide what to do with it.

¬†¬†Well, I’ve got news for the Crowns Canadian government. Re-examine the Two Row!¬†¬†Pretty sure that it say’s we will travel the river of life SIDE BY SIDE, that our relationship was based on that of BROTHERS not as FATHER AND SON, and wait a minute, you were suppose to STAY OUT of the governance of our people!!!!!! And you’ve got the nerve to tell us that we are jeopardizing the whole structure of the Canadian Justice System!¬†¬†Take a look at what you TRIED to do to our GOVERNMENT. And yes, it is a government.¬†¬†The Haudenesonne are the ORIGINAL LEAGUE OF NATIONS, and we are taking our rightful place back uniting all of the Onkwehonweh Nations of the World.¬†¬†And if the Crown wishes an audience, then it must follow protocol and direct your concern through the governor general.¬†¬†It’s time we started reminding the Crown that there are processes and protocol to be followed.

¬†¬†The whole mentality of the Crown is that they have some ideology in their head that they have to treat us as children.¬†¬†That came from that Indian Act!¬†¬†We are not their children, and quite frankly, They don’t get a say in what we do with our land.¬†¬†I am tired of that whole mentality.

¬†¬†They¬†¬†have been slowly trying to get our communities turned in to quaint little municipalities for a very long time now, and its time our people woke up to that fact. Many of our people have seen this coming for the last 50 years.¬†¬†More recently in the last 10 but it’s here.¬†¬†One of our Royianne mentioned it the other day and he is right on!¬†¬†We’ve got all of the makings of a municipality.¬†¬†Even got the blue numbers where they’ve started gathering the information and all of the data from lands, to determine the size of your property and the amount of taxes you should/would be paying to help offset the expenses of roads etc.¬†¬†I remember the day those blue number’s came in and my husband walked straight out and pulled it out of the ground.¬†¬†Then every time we were asked for our blue number and we said we didn’t have one, they said you have to have one.¬†¬†You need it for the 911 calls of course.¬†¬†Didn’t stop our emergency/police before from finding out where you were before they put them up.¬†¬†And then there is the schools who need them (here come the school taxes), and of course the administrative office needs it for housing, sewers etc. sound familiar?

¬†¬†Now mind you, the CCA believes that we don’t pay any taxes and we just get our free cheques every month.¬†¬†Still waiting for mine marie!¬†¬†But that is the mentality of many ‘canadians’.¬†¬†They don’t understand nor do they even try to understand the REALITY of the situation.¬†¬†They believe that since the Haldimand is dated 1784, it’s old news and doesn’t have any legal status anymore.¬†¬†If that’s the case, neither does their Constitution Act of Canada, nor their Royal Proclamation or any of the other treaties that have been established and we’re right back to the time of first contact, and you know what, we’ve re-considered, it’s time to go back where YOU came from, because you’ve proven you can’t be trusted and you’re intentions were not honourable.

Oh, and for all of you who keep saying that Canada is the land of freedom, get a grip!¬†¬†It is a land of occupied terrorism.¬†¬†Against the Onkwehonweh!¬†¬†The true title holders.¬†¬†The only difference in this war and the others that Bush and Harper are sending their children in to be killed at, is that this war is more subtle.¬†¬†I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, we’ve been at war since they’ve killed the Peacemaker only ours is a spiritual war.¬†¬†We’re trying to maintain Peace………what is it you’re trying to maintain Canada?¬†¬†Your USURPED authority to steal and enforce your laws on our people?

¬†¬†Speaking of which, Justice Marshall is rendering his decision on Tuesday with respect to the people not abiding by his original ruling that we are in ‘contempt’ of a court order.¬†¬†And conveniently enough the Crown’s representatives have taken a ‘short break’ in negotiations and are not coming back to the table until the 23rd of August.¬†¬†Maybe their break is to give the courts and the opp time to take action.¬†¬†Nothing would surprise me!

¬†¬†The OPP have assured the CCA that once things quiet down, they will make the arrests.¬†¬†They are ‘shelving’ the charges right now, “but when things calm down and they have more things settled then the OPP will come in with the other charges.¬†¬†Until then people will think charges won’t be laid at all (other than the ones related to the April 20th incident)”.

¬†¬†Of course when they say people, they mean Six Nations, there are no charges pending for the Caledonia citizens who are blatently displaying their racism and hate crimes toward our people, nor are there any charges pending for those who “swarmed” and damaged the elderly man’s vehicle on the May 24th weekend.¬†¬†No, he got charged! Then they keep claiming our men ‘swarmed’ the poor elderly couple, but did they tell you that the poor couple intentionally drove at and hit one of our men!¬†¬†And never mind the idiots who continually try to come into the camp to incite violence, if we respond to protect, it is we who get charged.¬†¬†So the “justice system” is really the “JustUS” system, meaning “justthem”.

     And while Toby Barrett goes around trying to compare attempted murder of a Buffalo Police Officer with the situation that happened on June 9th with no mention of the TRUTH on how that whole situation played out, including the fact that the officer did more physical damage to himself by jumping out of a moving vehicle and that we do have WITNESSES to state that FACT,  the propoganda campaign continues.

  Meantime, our supporters from other territories are still working hard at getting the attention of the rest of those occupying our territory along the grand.  Good work Kanienkehaka Women who stopped the hydro development windmill project at the head of the river!

¬†¬†I think we need to keep getting that message out all over Canada.¬†¬†As long as they continue to use their stall tactics on how NOT to deal with natives (what page are we on in their little book now?), we need to keep the pressure up just as well.¬†¬†Maybe it’s time to start asking our supporters to take action.¬†¬†We’ve given in every step of the way, and haven’t gotten a thing out of it.¬†¬†The people said it wouldn’t be enough to remove the barricades and it wasn’t.¬†¬†Now they want us off the land. They want the flags down.¬†¬†They’re angry because the government offered the Burtch lands, lands in Cayuga Township and Townsend and yet, they haven’t produced any so what exactly did we get?¬†¬†Oh yeah, we got to plant beans.¬†¬†I hope they are magic beans!

¬†¬†And you gotta check out the CaledoniaWakeUp website.¬†¬†Apparantly they like to spread the bs so thick the enviromentalists are looking at charging them with polluting the grand!¬†¬†And they’ve dubbed me Hazel (Hamburger) Hill, which if you’ve seen the movie, they’re intentions are no different.¬†¬†Kill everyone who get’s in the way.¬†¬†Again I have news for the Crown.¬†¬†You will not take this Hill!!!! You might be able to kill me, but you will never kill the spirit of the Onkwehonweh.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Hazel E. Hill
(c) August 6, 2006


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