Hugo Pinell Participating in the California Hungerstrike


Excerpted from a letter to Kiilu Nyasha:

A hunger strike has been in effect since July 1 and I’ve been with it, altho is very hard to know what’s going on? On July 1, one station up here announced the hunger strike, but nothing since and I don’t know if prisoners have gotten with staff and what’s happening, etc. But I have to get with it because it’s for a great cause and if good changes come about, I could get a break too. At this point, a move to a mainline would be great being that my keepers are determined to keep me until I die. On a mainline, we could have contact visits again! It’s been too long since I’ve touched my Mom and all of my loved ones.

When or since I met you in 1973, I’ve been on no contact visits status. They kept telling me I’d get my contact visits back. But they sent me to a new SHU in 1986, and everybody is on no contact visits status in these SHUs.

“It’s been a really long time since I particpated in a hunger strike, but I was much younger, stronger and ready. I wasn’t prepared for a hunger strike, so i don’t know how well or how long I can hold on, but I had to participate. I don’t have the options so many have used to get out of prison ofr the SHU. The counselor tells me I do have those options, but I tell thim I don’t because I can’t use them. I’m into growing, evolving and building, not into negative, self-destructive behavior. I don’t even think in terms of doing or saying something wrong to better my situation, for that would strike against everyting I live for; freedom, a New Man and that New World. So, Sis, this hunger strike provides me with an opportunity for better changes while also in concert and support of all those willing to risk their precious and valuable health.

I’m feeling okay, but I wish I knew what’s going on. Well, in time. I’m not working out, physically, but I’m drinking a lot of water, get my walking, meditation, my studying and mind travels :)! I send my best to everyone. Take good care, Sis….

Hugo L.A. Pinell
A88401 D3-221
P.O. Box 7500
Crescent City, Ca. 95531-7500

Hugo Pinell has been in solitary confinement for forty years. He had been in prison since 1964, when he was 19 years old, and was one of George Jackson’s comrades. Following Jackson’s assassination in 1971, Pinell was one of the San Quentin Six accused of murder and conspiracy – Pinell was found guilty of assaulting a guard, and has been in isolation ever since. Yyou can learn more about Hugo Pinell’s case on the (not updated) website:

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