S11 Truth and Consequences

  S11 Truth and Consequences Radical Perspectives on September 11

Solidarity-Arm the Spirit 2001, ISBN 1-894820-35-5 Available from Kersplebedeb Distribution (info@kersplebedeb.com)

Solidarity and Arm the Spirit collectives would like to announce the publication of a new 78 page pamphlet regarding the September 11th attacks in the United States.  This pamphlet provides a good introduction to the history of US imperialism and both its collusion and conflicts with the Islamic far-right, including Osama Bin Laden’s network, in Afghanistan. It also attempts to give an overview of some of the domestic repercussions of the September 11th attacks within North America.


You can read most of the texts in this pamphlet here, or else you can purchase it for $2.75 US or $4 Canadian, plus postage, from Kersplebedeb Distribution. Bookstores, anti-war, anti-racist, and other activist groups please get in touch regarding wholesale information. Contact info@kersplebedeb.com for more details.  

Please download the flyer about this pamphlet and distribute it in your community – this information must get out!  

Table of Contents

Section I: Truth: Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind (a look at the context and causes of the September 11th attacks)

Section II: Consequences: On the Home Front

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