Innu Youth Attack Quebec Provincial Police


Youths Attack Patrol Car
by Jean-Guy Gougeon

Protest against the chief’s decision to call on the Quebec Provincial Police to temporarily replace the Innu police, fifteen youths destroyed a QPP patrol car in the Ekuanitshit (Mingan) community Sunday morning. Six of them appeared in court on Tuesday.

Around 5:30am two officers responded to a call about a break-in at a corner store. They arrived and examined the scene; as they were walking around the building they came face to face with a gang of youths who attacked them with bats. The two officers had to run to a second patrol car which had arrived.

At the same time the youths destroyed the patrol car, smashing its windshiels and lights. A call for help sent to the QPP station at Havre Saint-Pierre brought other police into the Innu community. Two hours later, three youths were arrested, followed by three others who the police claim were brought in by their parents.

The six youths were arresyed, and brought to Sept-Iles where they appeared on Tuesday. The QPP had been patrolling the community since last Thursday at the request of the chief, due to problems with the Innu police officers who normally patrol there.

Not sure on any details other than what you see above, in this article i translated from Le Nord Est. So just fyi…


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