International Anarchist Day of Action

Israel-Palestine: Appeal from Greek comrades for an international anarchist day of action  Hello friends and comrades of the world,  We hope you’re all fine wherever you are and you still struggle for dignity, freedom and social justice. The reason for which I’m sending you this message is considerably important and we would like you to pay attention to a proposal we’d like to make from here, Greece, a proposal which demands the coordination, the action and the passion of all of us who want to call ourselves as libertarians. We are a group of comrades from Heraklion of Crete, Greece, and we’ve thought about organizing an event of solidarity to the palestinian people (not the fanatic fundamentalists) who struggle and get brutally murdered every day (together with heroic figures like Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall etc) and, on the other side, to the Israeli consciencious objectors who have refused to join the army of their country in the occupied areas and because of this attitude are now in jail.  The reason for which we address you too is that we wish this event to take place in all the parts of the world where there are anarchists, ON THE SAME DAY.  We all know that crimes like those that are committed every day in Palestine (and in Iraq, Afghanistan) are results of the world’s leaders’ plans, targets and strategies. They are crimes that are committed because of and through their global web of interests and correlations. That’s why we believe we GLOBALLY have to face them.That is to say, if 200 persons demonstrate here in Heraklion, none of those criminals will be bothered, none will listen to our voice. THEY MUST FEEL THE PRESSURE. And, under the given conditions that dominate in the world now, we’ll succeed in this only or principally if we start demonstrating massively, dynamically, all together coordinated and at the same time.  Our proposal consists in the following points: – In proportion to the problems, emergencies etc that we face in the place we live in, we’ll all arrange a date within the forthcoming September – October, when all of us or a big amount of us will come out in the streets to demonstrate in order to declare our solidarity to the people we previously referred to – Each group, collectivity, federation, syndicate, organization, individual etc will arrange autonomously of course the kind of action that will assume at that date, according to its possibilities, potential problems etc. But the only certain thing will be that we’ll all organize a demonstration out in the streets. After that, each one will continue the way they’ll judge better according to the local sircumstances – We’ll type a poster concerning this event. Now, there are two options:  a) if we can agree on the content of the poster in a way that we’ll all type the same slogans on it, each one in his/her own language, would be great. This is the most difficult point of the case, although not impossible. In this case, there will be specific proposals  b) otherwise, each organization will type what they judge better, but we all put the same date and, if possible, the names and the areas/countries where each collectivity is from. The general sign will be “Anarchists – Libertarians” or something, according to what we’ll agree on in the course. This proposal of course, sumits to discussion and elaboration. This is a general framework. Through e-mails, phone calls if necessary etc, we’ll gradually reach an agreement about the whole thing. That’s why we’ve thought about organizing it in September – October: so that we’ll all have the time to communicate and coordinate our action till then, or. If we judge it better, earlier or later.  If you approve of this idea, please become a repeater and transfer it to all the groups etc you’re in contact with or you simply know and we begin organizing it – the sooner the better.  The e-mail which in the beginning will constitute the centre of this communication till we need to expand it among us, is the one in this message:  If you pass this message to any people you know, please let each other know the names of the groups, organizations etc so that all of us will know who have already got it and we won’t repeat it to those who’ve already received it. We’ve already started to discuss it in Greece and the first lines of the plan are the ones we’ve mentioned above.  Friends and comrades, it isn’t too difficult: let’s prove to the people, the capitalists and especially ourselves, that we constitute a global force, that we’re capable of utilize the media (Internet etc) for continuous large-scale mobilizations, that we can organize ourselves and move all together towards a target. If we succeed, we’ll contribute a substantial help for the case of the Palestinian people and the Israeli strugglers and, additionally, we’ll have created an action without precedent which will be able to be repeating in the future for more and more cases that concern us.  Let’s just try. This message has already been sent to various anarchist groups, organizations, individuals etc in Spain, France, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela. We’ve already had the first response: the comrades of the “El Libertario” magazine in Venezuela said they’ll think about the whole thing and reproduce it to another 200 persons and organizations in all Latin America. Let’s try for our history and conscience. We expect your answers, proposals, demurs, comments From Heraklion of Crete, Greece, and on behalf of the circle of comrades that took this iniciative,  Warm greetings, “evangelismos” Squat, Heraklion of Crete, Greece

K. KersplebedebK. KersplebedebK. Kersplebedeb

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