Interviews with On Necrocapitalism contributors

As the pandemic transitioned from science fiction to reality in early 2020, a number of writers and thinkers in the imperialist metropoles declared the impossibility of writing in the face of a future that is foreclosed. The M.I. Asma writing group came together to stake out a different terrain, thinking through the pandemic as events unfolded while also always working to think beyond the capitalist imaginary. Writing between April 2020 and May 2021, the authors set out to produce a serial theoretical­philosophical project focused on class struggle in the midst of the COVID­-19 pandemic. The authors approached the pandemic as an occasion to think capitalism according to what it always has been, what the pandemic reveals about its current ideological deployment, and how we can think about a communist alternative in the face of exterminism.

On Necrocapitalism: A Plague Journal collects, with some revisions and with a new epilogue, the entries from the On Necrocapitalism blog, where M.I. Asma’s interventions first appeared.

In addition to writing, the contributors have also shared their ideas in interviews with revolutionary anticapitalist podcasts. See below for links to the episodes, or you can find them in your podcast app of choice.

RevLeft Radio

Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Manifestering Podcast


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