Jalil Muntaqim Granted Parole After 49+ Years in Prison

Jalil Muntaqim, a 68-year-old respected elder, was granted parole on September 22, 2020, after serving nearly 50 years in prison. Jalil is one of thousands of incarcerated older people in New York State who was repeatedly denied parole for over two decades after completing his minimum sentence despite his excellent record, and “lowest risk” score on the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s (DOCCS) COMPAS risk assessment instrument. Let us hope that his release brings inspiration for more change. Jalil is deeply humbled and grateful for the broad expressions of support he has received from his family and community throughout the years, and looks forward to coming home where he can reunite with his loved ones and continue to heal from COVID 19, which he contracted in prison last May.


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