July 1st Update from Hazel Hill

I am afraid that i have been very remiss in blogging recently – i have been out of town for over a week – so this update from Hazel Hill is a week ld, from last Saturday July 1st:

Today is planned to be alot of activity at the reclamation site. The people have planned a potluck, games and a pig roast for later this evening to keep the spirit of peace, friendship and family atmosphere at the site. there was much concern with the big booze party in caledonia last night beginning their canada day celebrations, but to my knowledge, there was no problems coming into the site. we left around 11:30 pm. and so far, I’ve had no reports of any situations.

we’ve had a busy week starting with a visit from Bill Wilson, candidate for Grand Chief of the AFN. He was accompanied by Larry Sault and was given a tour of the site by myself and others of the Six Nations. We had a good visit and the support was much appreciated. Also this week the federal and provincial delegates came and toured the site.

Jane Stewart, Barbara McDougal, Ron Doering and a few others (sorry, don’t remember all the names) were given a tour of the grounds to help them see that the gossip and rumours that are being spread around caledonia and in their local newspapers, are just that, gossip and rumours. they were able to see for themselves that there are no bunkers, missle launches, guns or any other weapons of war that we have been accused of having. They left quite pleased by what they saw, and have agreed to let it be known through the media that we are a peaceful people, that our presence there is that of peace, and that the intent is not to bring hostility toward our neighbours, but to remind canada that it has a resonsiblity to uphold the treaties, recognize our sovereignty, and begin dealing with our traditional council on a nation to nation level as is required according to our relationship with the crown.

Many people, including high profile native leaders, have made attempts to destroy that relationship by making public statements that the Confederacy Council does not represent the people, that there are divisions and factions who do not support, or who believe the confederacy does not speak for them. They are playing right into the governments attempts to create those divisions so that they will not have to deal with the real issue’s of concern including the land. Who knows, maybe that is the intent.

It has been the history of our people that when anything like this happens, there will always be people who don’t agree or who try to undermine the good that is happening, even going so far as accepting money to create those divisions. However, it is our position that we will continue. The confederacy council, who carry the responsibility of protecting and upholding those treaties, have a responsibility of ensuring that no harm or hindrance comes to them. That includes from within. The canadian government has been reminded of that.

Talks will resume on Thursday, and are continuing toward a peaceful resolution of the land in question……..the outcome of which, from our perspective, will be to have the land returned to the Six Nations, according to the original agreements. The people will maintain a presence on the site until this happens.

The Caledonia Citizens Alliance thinks differently. They believe that they have a say in what happens to this land, and they have threatened the government that it should not return the land to six nations as they feel it give’s us a ticket to their whole town. They’ve even passed a motion in their council that they are going to expand the borders of their town and are continuing on plans of development of other lands which fall within the jurisdiction of the Haldimand Tract and the Six Nations. What people don’t understand is that the people involved, including Ken Hewitt and others, and not concerned over the land, but are part of a businessman’s coalition that are only concerned with the dollar bill and have no interest in the real issues, their only interest is in lining their pockets.

The Six Nations people have a legitimate claim, and will continue on a peaceful path to bring awareness to the world of how corrupt the government has been with respect to the sale of lands to which they hold no title, all along the Grand River. As i’ve stated before, canada is guilty of the biggest white collar crime in the history of their people, and they use people, such as those involved in the citizens alliance to try and deter from the truth.

As far as divisions within Six Nations, no one has ever claimed that differences of opinion do not exist. However, the unity of our people, and the support of all of the onkwehonweh nations around the world that has been created, is stronger than any differences of opinion and everyone agrees that the issue of the land must be settled. Not just at Six Nations but all over Canada and beyond.

Many people also do not understand that while differences of opinion occur and concensus over each and every decision is hard to reach within the structure of our government, the bottom line is, that we all can agree and accept when the decisions made are for the highest good for all. This is the process that is being followed.

We have a responsiblity to all Onkwehonweh Nations of the world. This is why the railline blockade was put off for now. It is not because anyone “chickened out”. It is because the people who inititiated those sympathy barricades could see the benefit of working with the raillines and having them assist by putting pressure on the government to deal honourably with our people. This was viewed to be in the best interest of all concerned. Every peaceful avenue must be given the chance and that is what having a good mind and upholding our law is all about.

I commend those who are working so hard to support us at Six Nations and send a big Nya Weh to Terrance Nelson and all of the others who are working behind the scenes to ensure that the government of canada be held accountable for it’s actions.

Also, in spite of what appears in the media, we do have people within Caledonia who are in support of the Six Nations land reclamation. They are working hard as well at getting messages off to government officials to recognize the claim of our people, and begin dealing with the issue of our land and our trust fund. Nya Weh to those in Caledonia as well!

Also along the Grand, in Kitchener, there are many organizations including those of the Menonite community who are in support. They have taken the time to ask about the history of our people, to gain an understanding of how the land was orginially deeded to our people “for them and their posterity to enjoy forever”, and how later, transfers through the crowns corrupt system has put us in a position of having to take action to force the crown to give the respect that is deserving of our people, and to set right the wrongs that have been committed throughout history. Nya weh to those people as well who have opened their hearts and their minds to understand.

I was told a story last night that one of the families within our territory, some of the Johnsons, who resided within the territory which is now part of Caledonia, had their homes burned to the ground and had their grandmothers chased out by people carrying pitchforks in order to take over the land. each time the family would re-build their homes, the settlers would burn them out. Talk about terrorism. This is only some of the history of how Caledonia was formed. I would like to hear more from anyone who can help our non-native brothers and sisters understand that it isn’t as simple as a “sale” as they have been made to believe. I’ve stated it often in my writings………the Truth will always be told. That is the beauty of the Haudenesonne people and the oral traditions that we carry.

So, i’ll be off to the site now, to enjoy the beauty of this day. The light and love of Creation is singing its song and adding strength to our people. Nya Weh!



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