July Update: New Radical Literature and More from Kersplebedeb

Just to let you all know – as well as blogging, there’s some new stuff i’ve been up to in relation to my distro, Kersplebedeb.

As many of you will know, we traveled to Baltimore recently for the Mid-Atlantic Radical bookfair held in that city in early July. Predictably, there were a lot of other people there with great stuff… but more on that later… first… a new title of my own…

People’s War… Women’s War? two texts by Comrade Parvati of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) with commentary by Butch Lee. A look at women’s role in the Nepalese Revolution, and the relationship of women to Maoism and revolution in general. The two main texts in this pamphlet are reprints of essays by Comrade Parvati, one of the few women in the central committee of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). In her interview with People’s March, and her essay The Question of Women’s Leadership in People’s War in Nepal, Parvati is refreshingly critical and honest in her appraisal of the role of women in the CPN(M)’s peasant guerilla army, drawing conclusions regarding the connections between patriarchy and the defeat and degeneration of past communist revolutions, and the centrality of women to any successful communist revolution. Commenting on these texts, North American Amazon theorist Butch Lee examines the mixed record of Marxism-Leninism and Maoism in regards to women’s liberation, the role of women in armed struggle, and the role of armed struggle in winning and defending freedom and autonomy for women and children.

70 pages – $4.00 US

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IMO, Butch Lee is one of the most important radical strategists today; she writes from a revolutionary Amazon perspective – for more of her writings click here!




Agents of Repression, by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall. The now classic account of the FBI’s secret war against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement, under the auspiced of COINTELPRO. While State repression is just one part of what did in the revolutionary movements of the 60s and 70s, it did constitute a critical piece of the puzzle. And this book is probably the best and most thorough examination out there, unapologetically partisan and painfully detailed.

509 pages
$22.00 US / $25.00 Cdn


Hot Lead Is Medicine: Thoughts on Whiteness, privilege and violence, by Texas F. Slim. Clearly written from the “anti-civilization”/insurrectional wing of anarchism, this snappy little pamphlet is nevertheless a cut above most anarchist discussions of violence and revolution. Grounding himself in his own experience, Texas examines the meaning and limits of violence, arguing that a truly revolutionary movement must go further than the merely symbolic riot, instead developing a thoroughgoing practice based on a politics of survival. i blogged a lengthy review of this pamphlet which you can read here.

12 pages
$1.00 US / $1.25 Cdn


How Non-Violence Protects the State, by Peter Gelderloos. Argued from an anarchist perspective, the author of this book takes on various arguments in favour of doctrinaire non-violence, dismantling them one at a time. Gelderloos is not arguing that everyone should abandon non-violent tactics, but is intent on showing how a “Non-Violence Only” strategy props up not only the State, but a variety of other mechanisms of oppression as well, with chapters like “Non-Violence is Racist”, “Non-Violence is Patriarchal” and “Non-Violence is Delusional”. While respectful and logical, he pulls no punches (pardon the metaphor!) in exposing the bad politics, privilege, dishonesty and complacency that crops up from time to time in this debate.

181 pages perfect bound
$8.00 US / $10.00 Cdn


Blood and Fire CD, Son of Nun. Seventeen tracks of great radical hip hop, from Baltimore’s own Son of Nun. Includes “Free Palestine” – voted best song on NPR’s Open Mic. A schoolteacher, organizer, and poet, s.o.n. blew my socks off on our recent trip to Baltimore, when he got the whole club full of anarchists moving to his songs attacking racism and imperialism (and also, if you listen, sexism and homophobia) head on. Definitely worth listening to!

$10.00 US / $12.00 Cdn


States of Abuse CD, Entartete Kunst. A 19-track compilation of political hip hop and electronic music from around the world. According to one reviewer, “Well-produced beats of many flavors (global and domestic) offer something for everyone, from Mid East-flavored instrumental tracks with political soundbites to grimy UK underground riddims to conscious French hip-hop to homegrown Amerikkkans brandishing the scariest weapon of all – language.” Anarchist with a beat!

$12.00 US / $ 14.00 Cdn


3 Black Panthers & the Last Slave Plantation, narrated by Mumia Abu-Jamal. This DVD tells the story of three members of the Black Panther Party known collectively as the Angola Three, who were politicized through contact with members of the Black Panther Party while inside prison, and in 1971 formed one of the only recognized prison Panther chapters. Under conditions of segregation, racism, and repression, they organized other prisoners to build a movement for their rights; an astonishing feat given Angola Prison’s history of repression. The focus of 3 Black Panthers and the L. S. P. is on the hidden facts and cover-ups that have surrounded and clouded their cases since the 1970s. In addition, the movie explores the political climate of the 1960s and 70s that produced political prisoners in America, situating the Angola 3 within the political unrest of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements that emerged within prison walls in America.
Having just watched this DVD last night, i can tell you that what most impressed me was the way that the producers were able to deconstruct the way in which these three men were framed – not an easy thing to do when dealing with a “crime” allegedly committed behind prison walls. Not to mention the kind of vertigo one gets when seeing so many interviews with so many revolutionaries who paid such heavy prices for their commitment to the struggle… definitely worth watching and showing to your friends!

109 minutes – $15.00 US



As always, the best way to order any of this stuff (or anything else from the Kersplebedeb website) is to email me at info@kersplebedeb.com.

Wholesale rates are of course available.


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