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 AK Press, the radical distributor of Kersplebedeb Publications in the united states, is having a sale on e-books. This is timely, as Kersplebedeb has just finished arrangements for many of our books to be available as e-books via AK Press. So this is kind of a special opportunity, for a limited time, those of you into kindle or ipad or nexus or whatever reading, can download these titles at half price! Kersplebedeb’s titles on AK’s site are listed below (and you can see a complete list of AK’s own digital downloads, also at half price, by clicking here):

The Worker Elite e-bookThe Worker Elite e-book
Notes on the “Labor Aristocracy”
$5.99 $3.00

Revolutionaries often say that the working class holds the key to overthrowing capitalism. But “working class” is a very broad category—so broad that it can be used to justify a whole range of political agendas. The Worker Elite: Notes on the “Labor Aristocracy” breaks it all down, criticizing opportunists who minimize the role of privilege within the working class, while also challenging simplistic Third Worldist analyses.


Jailbreak Out of History e-bookJailbreak Out of History e-book
The Re-Biography of Harriet Tubman and “The Evil of Female Loaferism”
Butch Lee
$6.99 $3.50

Examining how the anticolonial struggles of New Afrikan/Black women were central to the unfolding of 19th century amerika, both during and “after” slavery. The book’s title essay, “The Re-Biography of Harriet Tubman”, recounts the life and politics of Harriet Tubman, who waged and eventually lead the war against the capitalist slave system. “The Evil of Female Loaferism” details New Afrikan women’s attempts to withdraw from and evade capitalist colonialism, an unofficial but massive labor strike which threw the capitalists North and South into a panic. The ruling class response consisted of the “Black Codes”, Jim Crow, re-enslavement through prison labor, mass violence, and … the establishment of a neo-colonial Black patriarchy, whose task was to make New Afrikan women subordinate to New Afrikan men just as New Afrika was supposed to be subordinate to white amerika.


Fire the Cops! e-bookFire the Cops! e-book
Essays, Lectures, and Journalism
Kristian Williams
$9.99 $5.00

Killer cops and cop-killers, “police as workers” and police as soldiers, copwatching and counterinsurgency operations… these subjects and more are examined in this collection of essays by veteran activist Kristian Williams. Including both reports from the frontlines and reconnaissance into the plans and practices of our opponents,Fire the Cops! is intended to help inform future critique, and further struggle.


The Communist Necessity e-bookThe Communist Necessity e-book
Prolegomena to Any Future Radical Theory
J. Moufawad-Paul
$5.99 $3.00

A polemical interrogation of the practice of “social movementism” that has enjoyed a normative status at the centres of capitalism. Aware of his past affinity with social movementism, and some apprehension of the problem of communist orthodoxy, the author argues that the recognition of communism’s necessity “requires a new return to the revolutionary communist theories and experiences won from history.”


Kuwasi Balagoon: A Soldier's Story e-bookKuwasi Balagoon: A Soldier’s Story e-book
Writings by a Revolutionary New Afrikan Anarchist
Kuwasi Balagoon
$5.99 $3.00

The first ever collection of writings by Kuwasi Balagoon, an anarchist member of the Black Liberation Army who died of AIDS-related pneumonia while in prison in 1986.


Clenched Fists Empty Pockets e-bookClenched Fists Empty Pockets e-book
Fredric Carlsson-Andersson
$2.99 $1.50

Six working-class activists from Sweden discuss their experiences with class and middle-class hegemony in a variety of left-wing scenes and organizations.


Red Army Faction e-bookRed Army Faction e-book
The Urban Guerilla Concept
Red Army Faction
$2.99 $1.50

The first major ideological text from West Germany’s most famous urban guerillas.


The Military Strategy Of Women And Children e-bookThe Military Strategy Of Women And Children e-book
Butch Lee
$5.99 $3.00

Lays out the need for an autonomous and independent women’s revolutionary movement, a revolutionary women’s culture that involves not only separating oneself from patriarchal imperialism, but also in confronting, opposing, and waging war against it by all means necessary.


Confronting Fascism e-bookConfronting Fascism e-book
Discussion Documents for a Militant Movement
Don Hamerquist, J Sakai, Xtn, and Mark Salotte
$6.99 $3.50

These essays grapple with the class appeal of fascism, its continuities and breaks with the “regular” far-right and also even with the Left. Written from the perspective of revolutionaries active in the struggle against the far right.

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