Kersplebedeb Newsletter Overhaul

As part of the ongoing overhaul of the Kersplebedeb site, i have switched newsletter service. From now on, newsletters will have a slightly simpler format, be composed primarily of recent posts on Kersplebedeb, and will (hopefully!) occur far more often!

(No need to worry, though – even at “far more often” we’re still talking a pretty low frequency list, certainly less than once a week…)

You can subscribe in the sidebar, or here:

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Note that the newsletter does not include all posts on Kersplebedeb – just those that i think are particularly worthwhile, or timely. If you would like to stay more up-to-date with what’s happening here, i recommend you subscribe to both the newsletter and my rss feed:

RSS 2 Feed

(It’s worth subscribing to both, because the newsletter will sometimes include coupons and news of discounts that may not be available via the RSS feed.)

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