KIDS ON T.V. Hustle! 1-  Breakdance Hunx 2-  The Company* 3-  We Are The New Keith Cole 4-   My Substance 5-  My Boy Is A Breakbeat Boy Kids on T.V. is John Caffery, Mike e.b. and Minus Smile. All trax written and mixed by Kids on T.V. except * by Steve Kado and K.O.T.V. DAF  is  sampled on  song 1.  Big phat Thanks goes to: Steve kado, DJ Drumatix, DAF, Robert Kennedy, Paige Gratland, Magas, C Magazine, Sir Will Munro, Matias Rozenberg, Mat Thomas, Lex Vaughn, Robin Isaacs, and Mitch from the Gen X Arcade in Parkdale. 10 – 34 Heydon Park Road, TorontO, ON M6J 2C8 Canada

K. KersplebedebK. KersplebedebK. Kersplebedeb

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