Leading IISH collections made available online Announcement, IISH, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Starting today, dozens of the IISH’s leading archives are fully available to view free of charge via the institute’s catalogue. Celebrated collections can now be studied from anywhere in the world, including the papers of Pieter Jelles Troelstra and Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, Lev Trotsky, the German Social Democrat politicians Eduard Bernstein and Karl Kautsky, and the French anarchist Louise Michel, as well as the archives of political parties as the Dutch Social-Democratic Party.

The digitalized documents can be browsed and each piece can be viewed in full screen mode. By adjusting the size and contrast, or rotating, it will be possible to consult the material easily. The documents can also be downloaded as a pdf file or printed out.

The Institute has digitalized its archives in recent years using Metamorfoze, a national programme that aims to preserve the printed materials that form part of our heritage. SNS Reaal has also made an important contribution: for the last two years, the company has been supporting a major project undertaken by the Institute to digitalize the most famous and important archives that were purchased between 1935 and 1940 using funds from the ‘Centrale’ life insurance company (a precursor of SNS Reaal). In the coming years, many more IISH collections, including the archives of Marx and Engels, will be made available online.

Look into the archives of

Bakunin at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH00018

Lev Trotsky at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH01483/Description

Alexander Berkman at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH00040

Eduard Bernstein at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH00042

Domela Nieuwenhuis at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH00483

Frank van der Goes at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH00518

Alexander Herzen at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH00517

Karl Kautsky at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH00712

Labour and Socialist International at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH01368

Louise Michel at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH02550

Henriette Roland Holst at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH01198

SDAP at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH01292

Troelstra at http://search.socialhistory.org/Record/ARCH01482

List of online available archives at <http://search.socialhistory.org/Search/Results?lookfor=&type=AllFields&fiter%5b%5d=format%3A%22Archives%22&filter%5b%5d=downloadable_facet%3A%22Archives%22>

Read more about the ‘Centrale’ digitization project at http://socialhistory.org/nl/projects/centrale-digitization-project and http://socialhistory.org/en/news/leading-iish-collections-made-available-online

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