Man Arrested Torching a Montreal Police Car

The Canadian Press and Info690 are reporting a man was caught setting fire to a police car in Montreal’s east end last night. It seems unclear whether or not this is connected to the attack on police cars which took place in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve a couple of months back.

Here is a translation of the Canadian Press article, by yours truly:

A Suspect is Arrested After Setting Fire to a Montreal Police Car

Montreal – A forty year old man is in custody after having been surprised by a police officer as he set fire to a Montreal Police Department squad car last night, in the city’s east end.

The vehicle was damaged. It was parked in an area next to Station 35 on Belanger Street East.

Realizing he had been spotted, around 12:25am, the arsonist fled but was quickly captured by police officers. He did not resist arrest. It has not yet been determined if the individual has a criminal record.

At the moment, the Montreal Police Department is unable to establish any link between this attack and the arson of six police cars in mid-March, outside Station 23, on the corner of Hochelaga Street and Bennett Street, in the city’s east end. The six vehicles were heavily damaged.

This time, surveillance cameras captured images of the events.


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