Mass demonstration against the G7 and to open the borders!


Down with capitalist exploitation, colonialism, and racist and sexist politics!

The heads of state of the seven most powerful imperialist and colonialist countries will gather on June 8th and 9th as part of the G7 Summit that will take place at the Manoir Richeliue in Malbaie. It’s a special occasion for the global elite to celebrate their dominance of the capitalist economy in style. While they claim to be discussing economic growth, job creation, gender equality, and climate change, in reality G7 meetings are key to the process of organizing the global economy in favour of banks and the oil, agricultural, pharmaceutical, tech, and weapons industries.

The West exploits the labour and wealth of Southern countries, causing poverty, environmental destruction, wars, and forced displacement, yet the countries of the G7 feign surprise at the “migrant crisis” taking place. These countries, which have completely destroyed people’s ways of life in order to enrich a tiny minority, are closing their borders, creating a Western “fortress.” In order to gain the public’s support for these policies, they drum up a fear of the Other, supported by the media, through a discourse that strengthens racism and the far-right. At the same time, the governments of the G7 implement austerity measures that worsen working conditions and force the unemployed to sell their labour to respond to the “needs of the market.”

Let’s show them we’ll do whatever it takes to fight this unjust system! The colonialist and patriarchal Canadian state is building fences on unceded indigenous land to allow the G7 leaders to meet in Malbaie, just as it has imposed borders on indigenous communities and divided up their territory for more than 500 years. Don’t let this happen! Let’s respond to fear and their system with struggle, dignity, and solidarity between people!

On June 7th, join us for a festive mass demonstration against the G7, capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, racism, and borders! Let’s speak out against the environmental destruction caused by the relentless exploitation of natural resources! Because our world can and must be better for everyone who lives in it and for generations to come!

Groups that want to endorse the call must write to:

K. KersplebedebK. KersplebedebK. Kersplebedeb

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