Matt Morgan-Brown Granted Bail

The following from Ottawa Movement Defense, which works to support the individuals facing charges related to the bombing of a Royal Bank branch in Ottawa earlier this year:

Great news!

Ottawa Movement Defense is happy to report that Matt MB was granted bail today!

Matt has to serve roughly two more weeks (for an arrest unrelated to his June 18th arrest), after which he can finally re-join his family, friends and co-workers who have been missing him dearly. This is very exciting news for all of us. Matt has been in custody for over six weeks now, which is six weeks too many.

We thank everyone who came out to court today to support him. We packed the room in a very clear display of support and solidarity.

This just the beginning of what will surely be a very long process, but at this point, we feel it is very important to celebrate this victory. Matt is a part of a broad community of people who have been waiting for this moment since his arrest. We are also happy to report that the conditions under which he was released will make it possible for almost all his friends and supporters to see him.

Of course, support will still be needed. Roger has a bail review coming up soon, and the three arrestees will need support throughout their trial. So, take this good news for now, and brace for the long road ahead.

In solidarity,
Ottawa Movement Defense


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