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|¬†¬†¬†Contact us!¬†¬†¬†|¬†¬†¬†MATZPEN Israel Documentaries of the World2003 / Video / Colour – B&W / 54 min PRODUCTION TEAMDirector : Eran TorbinerScript : Photography : Raanan Nachmias, Lewis Kerr, Christian MendEditor : Yuval OtsarCast : .Back MATZPEN, ANTI ZIONIST ISRAELISMatzpen, the Israeli socialist organization, has never had more than a few dozen active members. Still, in the late sixties and early seventies, it was considered a real threat to the Israeli political and social consensus. Most of Matzpen’s members were Israeli born, and come from the core of Israeli society. Their opposition to Zionism as well as their contacts with Palestinian and European left-wing activists were the cause of threats as well as political and social isolation. The film touches on the main issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as seen through the eyes of some of the organization’s prominent figures, their ideas, opinions and activities, then and today. Eran TorbinerBorn in Israel in 1971, Eran Torbiner studied political science and communications at Tel Aviv University before working in journals linked to non-governmental organizations and on political documentaries. He now directs his own films, including Yesh Gvul at the Arbourg (2002) and Jerusalem 28%-72% (2003). September 03, 2004 ? 16:20:00 ? CIN√ČMA PARISIEN 3 ? P3.03.5 ? September 05, 2004 ? 15:10:00 ? CIN√ČMA PARISIEN 3 ? P3.05.4 ?

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