Message from the Onkwehonweh to the United Nations

Doreen Silversmith of Six Nations delivered this to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous People on Monday, May 1st 2006.

I come to you today with a message. A message of Peace from the Onkwehonweh, Original People Of The Land. This is not a new message, it is Ancient, as are the Onkwehonweh. It is the Message and Law of the Universe, Earth included. We call this Message and Law, Kaianereh’kowa, State Of Peace. All People must live under this law or pay the price, and that price is War, although the Onkwehonweh choose Peace. At times Peace has existed upon the Earth, today unfortunately, Peace is rare. Peace exists in the Hearts and Minds of what would seem few, but we know, to be the overwhelming, People of the Earth.

The message of peace, though, has been drowned out, by corporations and their leaders of the World. Today, all across the Earth, Nations are engaging in War, under another message, Greed For Power. When people representing the Kings and Queens of European corporations, came to this land, we offered peace, believing them to be Nations. Had we known, they were not real or their real intent, things may have been different, but they lied. Better yet, they consistently lied, to every Aboriginal Nation they encountered. These Kings and Queens, under instructions and de facto Authority from their Popes and HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, said “Holy See”, committed Atrocities and Genocide to every Aboriginal People, at every corner of the Earth. Our heartaches are felt worldwide.

It is with a heavy heart that this message is being brought to your attention. For many years we have hoped to have had the opportunity to address the concerns of our people at your forum, to gain your support, understanding and respect; for the Oldest and Supreme Law of the Universe, the Kaianereh’ko:wa, State Of Peace. Our People of the Original Nations are the keepers and protectors of the Law. Unfortunately, it is as it always is all over the world; only when there is a crisis, do we take the time to listen, to care and understand. The Onkwehonweh, are indeed, in a serious and volatile situation brought on by the irresponsible and genocidal practices of the corporation you call CANADA.

On April 20, 2006, ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE (OPP), a paramilitary weapon of CANADA, attempted to force the Onkwehonweh from our Land, by Force of Arms. The OPP, underestimated our resolve, to peacefully maintain hold of our Land.

The attack by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in what they say, was in accordance with a provincial court injunction, which, resulted in 16 people being taken hostage, two of them requiring hospital treatment. Women were beaten, an elder man thrown to the ground, for just walking toward them trying to peacefully talk to them. Some of our people were pepper-sprayed and even shot with taser guns, all the while peacefully asserting our Authority and upholding our Law.

This parcel of land that has been the focal point where our people have gathered, are Land to which the Women, as titleholders to the land, according to our Kaianereh’ko:wa, have been protecting. The men, in accordance with the Kaianereh’ko:wa, are supporting and protecting the Women. This same Land has been tied up in Canada’s land claim process for over 20 years, brought on by the elective band council, an arm of the federal government. This legislated system, was created by the Indian Act of 1876 and was forced upon us at gunpoint in 1924 by the RCMP and repeated again in 1959. It is not a lawful government, nor is it a system which the traditional people can support or have a voice in. This is the same Land which Henco Industries has been allowed to clear, build roads and begin the construction of several homes regardless of the continued and historical position of the Onkwehonweh.

After the Treaty of Granada, 1492, the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, knowingly brought their Crusade to this Land. Britain soon took the charge on the Pope’s crusade. Under British Monarch’s charter to EAST INDIA COMPANY, the corporations of ENGLAND, FRANCE, SCOTLAND, NETHERLANDS, DENMARK and PORTUGAL, invaded the World. They established other corporations like UNITED STATES and CANADA, imitating Nations. The UNITED STATES and CANADA have now taken a lead role in the Church’s Crusade.

Our People, represent and uphold the oldest Law of the Universe, the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Supreme Law of the Land. It is the basis by which the constitution acts of the corporations of the Crown; being the UNITED STATES and CANADA, were built from. Our laws were written in stone, never to be abrogated, and according to the late Pope John Paul II when referring to Canada’s laws.. ” it’s not the law, it’s only paper “. The basic principals outlined in the Kaianereh’ko:wa are that of Peace, Power & Righteousness based on Ganohkwashra. Love all around us. We continue to uphold those principles to this day, despite Crown actions to undermine and usurp our authority over our Law.

Today, many Onkwehonweh are corralled on parcels of land the UNITED STATES and CANADA called Reservations; the rest of the world calls them Concentration Camps. The Onkwehonweh, Original People Of The Land, being Aboriginal People of the Earth are the true Original Nations. We are all from one Creation, under the one Supreme Law of the Universe, Kaianereh’ko:wa. Title to the Land rests in our women for the generations yet to come.

We also maintain that the relationship with Crown is based on the principles outlined in the Two Row Wampum. We would travel together, each in our own vessel, on distinct and separate paths; never to interfere with the Laws of each other. Again, we abide by those principles outlined in the Two Row Wampum. Canada has clearly portrayed the message that “might is right”. When a situation of ownership is challenged, their laws allow them to continue to reap the benefits of our Land, destroy our environment, and clearly ignore the truth of the Onkwehonweh, the real people, who hold title to the Land. When challenged to provide the proof, they resort to guns and army tanks. Canada has violated the Two Row Wampum Treaty.

In it’s continuing policy of Genocide, the corporation of CANADA has attempted to usurp our title. The Onkwehonweh, in and around so-called Six Nations Reserve, have now, under Kaianereh’ko:wa, State of Peace, exercised our Title and Right to the Land.

The Onkwehonweh require your assistance, with respect to our Law, our Treaties, including the Two Row Wampum, and in effect, the Authority with respect to our Land, Our Law and Our People. We are the true Sovereign, and we are asking our Friends and Allies to intervene in this situation. We need support on an international level, to have someone who has no interest in the outcome, to act as mediator, to oversee the negotiations and discussions that are taking place between delegates of the Onkwehonweh and delegates of the Crown.

According to Kaianereh’ko:wa, Authority rests in the Women. When needed the Rotisken’rake’the, Men Who Carry The Peace, are called to enforce the Peace. What ever Original Nation we are from our sons and daughters, attempting to establish the Peace, are dying at the hands of the crusaders, sanctioned by the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. The church preaches peace, but their warlike actions speak louder.

By who’s Authority do we establish Peace? The Women of the Earth, hold that Authority of Peace. Peace for this Planet, many call Earth, can only have its foundation by the Authority, the Women of the Earth.

      Nya Weh


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