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Mark your calendars …
Saturday, May 28 & Sunday, May 29
10am-5pm on both days
Note: Booksellers and vendors will be displaying on both days.

The Anarchist Bookfair takes place in two buildings across from each other in Parc Vinet:
– Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier (CCGV), 2450 rue Workman
– Centre d’éducation populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et de St-Henri (CEDA), 2515 rue Delisle

A short distance from Lionel-Groulx metro.

No gods, no masters, no bosses, no borders.
FREE. Welcome to all!
For people curious about anarchism and wanting to learn more.

+ What Happens at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair? +> CALLOUT FOR PROPOSALS (workshops, tables, art, events): or read below.

-> DOWNLOADS (posters, flyers, logos):

* Participants from all over Quebec and North America, booksellers and vendors, workshops, films, discussions, kids activities, art exhibits and more!
* Part of the month-long Festival of Anarchy held throughout May and part of June (2016) at venues and locations all over the island of Montreal.
* Tabling will take place in the main auditoriums of both our locations: Centre d’éducation populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et de St-Henri (CEDA) and the Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier (CCGV).
All main spaces of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair at both locations are accessible to people using wheelchairs; we regret that Art & Anarchy, on the 3rd floor of the CEDA, is only accessible by stairs.

– Accessibility Policy and Commitment:
– Safe(r) Spaces Policy:
– Principles:

We are looking for volunteers to actively support the organizing of this year’s Bookfair, starting now! If you can support us, get in

Workshops, Tables, Art Exhibits, Festival of Anarchy Events, Theme Rooms

(deadline: May 6, before 11pm)
a) Workshop ProposalsWe encourage your workshop proposals for both days of this year’s Bookfair (May 28 or 29, 2016). You can submit workshops that are: i) introductions to anarchism or ii) workshops on other topics related to anarchism that explores an anarchism-themed topic in some depth.

–> For full information about making a workshop proposal, visit:

The deadline for all workshop proposals is May 6, 2016 before 11pm.

b) Tabling at the Bookfair

The Anarchist Bookfair includes booksellers, distributors, independent presses and political groups from all over Montreal, Quebec, North America, and abroad. This year, there will be Bookfair tabling on TWO days – Saturday, May 28 from 10am to 5pm and Sunday, May 29 from 10am-5pm. Tabling will take place in TWO spaces that are located across from each other: the Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier (CCGV) at 2450 rue Workman and the Centre d’éducation populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et de St-Henri (CEDA) at 2515 rue Delisle.

–> For full information about requesting table space, visit:

The deadline to request table space is May 6, 2016, 2016, before 11pm.

c) Art Exhibits

Art & Anarchy brings together the creations of dozens of anarchist-inspired artists and organizers. In previous years, exhibitions have included sculptures, paintings, posters, banners, drawings, and other multimedia forms. Art & Anarchy is displayed over the two days of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair.

–> For full information about making a art proposal, visit:

The deadline to make an Art & Anarchy submission is May 6, 2016, before 11pm.

d) Festival of Anarchy Events

The entire month of May comprises the Festival of Anarchy, with diverse anarchist-themed events occurring at different venues in Montreal. The Bookfair collective compiles a Festival of Anarchy calendar, but we count on you to organize the actual Festival of Anarchy events. Get in touch to reserve a date for your event in May or early June (calendar dates are “first come first served”).

–> For full information about reserving a date for the Festival of Anarchy calendar, visit:

The deadline to submit Festival of Anarchy events is May 6, 2016 before 11pm. We will be publicizing a Festival of Anarchy calendar around May 1, and then send an updated calendar shortly after May 6.

e) Theme Room Proposals

A theme room brings together related workshops and presentations in one space for a series of workshops between 11am to 5pm. Some examples of previous theme rooms include: Autonomous Media Room (2015), Anti-Canada Room (2015), Autonomous Media Room (2014), Kids, Comrades and Caregivers Theme Room (2013), Autonomous Media Room (2012), Anarchist Families Room (2012), Autonomous Media & Technology Room (2011), Indigenous Solidarity Room 2010, Anti-Capitalist Resistance Room 2010, Anarchist Parent’s Discussion Room 2010.

–> For full information about making a theme room proposal, visit:

The deadline for all Theme Room proposals is May 6, 2016, before 11pm.


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-> mail: Salon du livre Anarchiste de Montréal
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Montréal, Québec H3G 1N1

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-> twitter:  @BookfairAnarMTL

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