[Montreal] Costume Ball in front of City Hall this January 26th, 2009 at 6pm

The Ban on Masks:
Le Gros Bon Sens invites you to a Costume Ball in front of City Hall this January 26th, 2009 at 6pm

  • just because we wear masks doesn’t mean we’re violent
  • our masks are used to protect us from the police apparatus which is already too controlling
  • our masks can be a form of expression as well as a way to maintain our anonymity
  • we like dressing up and having a good time

The group Le Gros Bon Sens invites the Montreal population to participate in a Costume Ball held in honour of our right to anonymity, this Monday at 6pm in front of City Hall.

Monday January 26th, 6pm
275 rue Notre-Dame est

You must wear a mask; opera masks will be available to those who don’t have one.

Progressive Montreal and Quebec organizations are invited to resist this new rule by doing the following:

  • circulate this invitation to the Costume Ball in your own networks
  • come and join in our Costume Ball
  • print and distribute fliers (downloadable in French here)
  • publicly demonstrate your support to Le Gros Bon Sens, either by being present or by means of a press release
  • get involved!

The agenda of the Municipal Council meeting on January 26th at 7pm, is available here (the point in question is 41.05):


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