[Montreal] For Those Arrested on March 15

The following notice has been put out, for those who were arrested in Montreal at the COBP demonstration a few weeks ago:

On March 15, 2008, forty-seven people were arrested during the 12th International day against police brutality. The Collective opposed to police brutality is still currently trying to get in touch with all of the people who were charged with a criminal offence or who had received municipal ticket in order to give all possible legal assistance during the court process that will ensue.

If I’ve received a ticket, what shall I do then ?

To contest a ticket, you must file a non-guilty plea at the back of the ticket. Important: DO NOT EXPLAIN THE REASONS OF YOUR PLEA, as it might put you in the position of disclosing your own defence to the prosecution, which you have no obligation to do and might potentially cause you prejudice. At the same time, we’re suggesting that you be using this opportunity to ask for the disclosure of all evidence that the prosecution might be using against you.

After that, you must send your ticket with your written plea on it, either by registered mail or in person, to the Montreal municipal court , (775 Gosford street, Montreal (Quebec) H2Y 3B9, near Champ-de-Mars subway station). Its important you keep a copy of the ticket itself and even better if you’re able to have evidence that you communicated your plea.

After a while, you will receive a court date. You must then show up in court at the given date. Failure to so could mean that a guilty verdict will render against you. We suggest that you keep us informed of any developpement related to the court follow-up, especially the court dates, by contacting us at :cobp@hotmail.com , or leaving us a message at 514-395-9691.

If you’ve been arrested but haven’t receive a ticket, its still possible that a ticket was issued against you. The best way to know get to the bottom of it is you go check it out yourself at the Montreal municipal court.

If you choose not to contest your ticket, its strongly recommended that you pay the fine as soon as possible. Even if you forget about the ticket, chances are the court system won’t forget you. As time pass by, the fine will only grow bigger.


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