Moon Bereft :: Marilyn Buck

Moon Bereft

Marilyn Buck

Beyond razor-wired walls
the moon shimmers in the late summer sky
spills over in pale brightness
to draw me into its fullness
washing my eyes in quicksilver

Now, in a heavy-lidded cell
moon-bereft nights leave me weeping
tears well up in dry cratered wounds
despair rises
dark and irradiated
to swallow starlight
and spit it out
like steel needles
that incite my loneliness

My soul careens off cell walls
wails till pain tires
and the pale moon of memory
appears to call me home

This poem is also read by homeless/poor people’s activist and poet Sarah Menefee on Marilyn’s poetry CD Wild Poppies , produced in 2004 by Freedom Archives and available from – click here for more details.

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