More Political Playing with Matches: Attack Against the National Bank in Montreal

It would seem that there was a second anti-capitalist bonfire in Montreal carried out over the weekend by a second collective – the Collectif Ton Oncle (Your Uncle Collective). This comes just after the torching fo six police cars last Friday morning.

The communique is posted on the Anarkhia site, i have translated it here.

i would suggest that everyone repost these communiques.

Gotta say i like the smiley face at the end…

Attack Against the National Bank in Montreal
corner of Ontario and Valois, the night of March 15-16 2008

The three automatic tellers of this branch were smashed before being set on fire.

This action was not mentioned in the big media and the National Bank attempted to hide the damage as quickly as possible. We suspect the authorities are trying to cover up the facts so as not to create panic amongst the citizens.

We acted following the torching of the parking lot of neighbourhood station 23. Like the Collectif Ton Pere [translators note: Your Father Collective], we are acting against the State, Capital and private property, which perpetuate oppression, destruction and alienation. We are also in solidarity with Native struggles, specifically in the context of the 2010 Olympics.

Even if the National Bank is not an official partner (as is the case with the Royal Bank), a bank is still a bank!

Let’s not forget that the police and the banks support each other.

Collectif Ton Oncle 😉


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