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Needless to say, the above image is not an endorsement of violence against anyone. If you understand the point of the movie you are free to copy it and place it on your own web page. If you would like to add a link to my site that would be nice, too!

For more information about the crackdown at APEC ’97, check out APEC Alert!, a great web site put up by some of the organizers of the anti-APEC protests.  And, the National has a good site devoted to APECgate.

While getting pepper sprayed is not most people’s idea of an appropriate civics lesson for university students, its an ordeal more and more people are having to endure. Increasingly police forces both in Canada and around the world are using pepper spray to torture their victims. The substance has been a contributing factor in the deaths of many people at the hands of the boys in blue.

For information about police using pepper spray to torture environmentalists click here. For just one sad example of pepper spray contributing to someone’s needless death, click here. For a Berkely police report on pepper spray being ineffective, click here. Find out more about police brutality in general by checking out the Kersplebedeb Anti-Police Brutality Links.

So what is APEC and why were these people protesting it? If you’d like to find out just follow the links below!

APEC Alert! NO to APEC A 1996 analysis of APEC from Corporate Watch

I made this page almost two years ago – it was one of my first so please don’t be too vicious about my aesthetic skills! Since then the battle against globalization has hit high points at the 1999 J18 protest in London and N30 in Seattle. One of the best groups opposing globalization is People’s Global Action. Unfortunately the battle against globalization – which at its best is an anti-capitalist struggle – attracts those who idealize smaller nationally exclusive “self-sufficient” capitalism, and its historic champion the State. A Dutch group, De Fabel van den Illegaal, which had previously been active opposing the Multilateral Agreement on Investments and World Trade Organization, has made available a number of texts revealing far-right and racist influences on the movement against globalization.

For more links to organizations resisting all of the shit in the world, visit the Links page. To check out more Kersplebedeb merchandise, click here. To find out more about Kersplebedeb, click here.

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