2009 New Year’s Greeting


TO:  Friends and Supporters FR:  Jalil A. Muntaqim, aka Anthony Bottom RE:  Phone for Parole Campaign DT:  January 8, 2009

Dear Friends and Supporters:              

First, I wish to extend a Happy New Year to each of you, despite the economic problems due to the implementation of Milton Friedman’s economic policies in the United States. Secondly, I want to thank you for assisting and supporting my application to NYS Governor David A. Paterson for commutation of sentence. 

The “Phone for Parole” campaign is having an effect, especially in terms of broadening support for U.S. political prisoners.  Like an internet chain letter, the “Phone for Parole” campaign has been promoted on various list serves across the country and overseas. We need to further expand and broaden this campaign within the next six (6) months until Governor Paterson grants the application.   

I was scheduled to see the parole board for the fourth (4) time in July 2008; however, since I am being held in California I have been denied an opportunity to appear before the parole board. The NYS Division of Parole will not grant a parole hearing without the physical presence of the prisoner. This matter in California is not expected to conclude before mid-2010, which means I will have missed two parole appearances – 4 additional years of incarceration when I could have been released on parole, essentially adding to 37 years of imprisonment.  

Governor David A. Paterson has the power and authority to commute the NYS sentence and parole me to the S.F. warrant.  Unfortunately, this will not happen without increasing public support urging Governor Paterson to do so. Thus far, the Honorable Archbishop Desmond Tutu and 6 Noble Peace Prize Laureates issued an International Call for the release of Herman Bell and me on humanitarian grounds. Various European and Latin American governments have released their 1960’s,’70’s and ’80’s political internees who were militant revolutionaries.  Even Zionist Israel has periodically given amnesty to militant Palestinians releasing them from prison. Yet, the U.S. government has failed to release many BPP/BLA prisoners who were victims of illegal FBI Cointelpro operations. Obviously, without a serious campaign of national significance, U.S. elected officials and authorities will continue to deny parole or release of these New Afrikans U.S. political prisoners.  

As in the famous words of Fredrick Douglas, “Power concedes nothing without a demand, it never has and it never will.”  This is the task before us, and our success depends on continuing and expanding the “Phone for Parole” (phone/fax/e-mail) campaign directed to NYS Governor David A. Paterson.  With your continued weekly support, victory is certain!  

Governor Paterson email: To Write to the Governor: David A. Paterson State Capitol Albany, NY 12224   Governor Paterson phone: 518-474-8390   Please let Jalil’s supporters at info@freejalil.com know if you contacted Paterson’s office and what response you received from them.  

Remember:  We Are Our Own Liberators!  Yours in struggle – Jalil


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