Kersplebedeb Music Section

Kersplebedeb Music Section

My own tastes run from Pavarotti to Pansy Division via anything too loud and too fast to understand that came out in the eighties. What you will find here though consists of politically progressive music only, and generally stuff that I particularly like..

The prices of each CD in US dollars are found at the end of the description. Postage is normally $2 to the US for the first CD, $1 for each subsequent one. I accept US and Canadian cheques, international money orders, and PayPal payments.

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The Blaggers: Its Up To You This video is a mixture of Blaggers concert footage and television appearances along with promo videos. The collection also features footage of The Battle Of Waterloo  Рan Anti-Fascist Action mobilisation that brought curtains down on a Blood & Honor redirection point for a Skrewdriver concert Рand AFA in action in Carnaby Street. $15.50 Brigada Flores Magon This is the definitive release from premier French skinhead band, Brigada Flores Magon Рa must for all fans of street music. Fourteen tracks of refined but hard-hitting Oi anthems, skillfully offset with occasional detours of traditional ska and reggae. $10.00 Class Pride World Wide Class Pride World Wide Various Artists: Featuring 19 anthems by 19 uncompromising bands from 9 different countries. This compilation includes unreleased as well as classic reworks from up-and-coming and established heavy-hitters alike. A portion of the proceeds from this release go to the Anti-Fascist Prisoners Welfare Fund. $12.50               view tracklist Hate the State Hate the State, a Fire and Flames Music Sampler Eighteen songs from this German revolutionary anti-fascist music label. Great politics, great music. Styles range from oi/streetpunk, to ska punk, to cool smooth traditional ska and Jamaican sounds; bands include the Argies, Brigada Flores Magon, Dulces Diablitos, Jeunesse Apatride, Obrint Pas, Opcio K-95 and Ropgure Steady Orchestra. It’s a sampler, which means you get a hell of a lot for your money:        1 Brigada Flores Magon -Notre Jour Viendra  2 Brigada Flores Magon -Pour Ma Classe  3 Opcio K-95 -Bcn 12-0  4 Opcio K-95 -Working Class Hell  5 Obrint Pas -La Flama  6 Obrint Pas -Novembre  7 Jeunesse Apatride -La Victoire Sommeille  8 Jeunesse Apatride -Destruction  9 Argies -America Canibal  10 Argies -Efecto Reaccion  11 Dulces Diablitos -Why?  12 Dulces Diablitos -Rude Like You  13 Rogue Steady Orchestra -Schurkenska  14 Rogue Steady Orchestra -Vorstadtfassaden  15 Brigada Flores Magon -Continente Olvidado  16 Brigada Flores Magon -Rash  17 Jeunesse Apatride -Ill Be Your Friend  18 Jeunesse Apatride -Dure Realite         

18 tracks (Compact Disc) – Fire and Flames $5.00 US / $7.50 Cdn !!!!!

Klasse Kriminale: Electric Caravans Klasse Kriminale: Electric Caravans Italian skinhead and punk rock legends Klasse Kriminale are back with their best work to date! This North American release brings the production talents of Sham 69’s Jimmy Pursey together with the diverse musical skills of the band, resulting in twelve formidible tracks of Klasse Kriminale’s unique brand of skinhead and reggae/dub-influenced Italian street punk. $12.50¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† view tracklist Its All Lies It’s All Lies. Included along with an oversize book of radical flyers/posters/protest art from Israel, the multimedia CD containg 30 Israeli punk bands. This is a CD-R which can be played in any CD player, but if you stick it in your computer you also get a film! For tracklist and band info click here! For more information about the folio book that comes with the CD, click here…


Love & Rage Love and Rage Volume 1 is an anarchist compilation of hip hop, metal, techno, punk, reggae, folk, and ¬†more. 20 songs, total mix of styles.¬† Also includes a lot of anarchist texts on CD-ROM.¬†¬† Snog, No WTO Combo (feat. Jello Biafra, Kris Novoselic from Nirvana, and Kim Thayil from Soundgarden), Propagandhi, and many more. $10.00 Les Partisans: Sono Mondiale Les Partisans are a punk/redskin band from Lyons (France). About their CD Sono Mondiale the group says: “We talk about freedom, childhood dreams and promises, modern-day Indians and bluecoats, rebel radio, the difficulties of being unemployed, revolt, wanting to get far away and memories of the good times we’ve had over the years. To sum it up, we talk about ourselves and about you, and about this Babylon that we would like to see smashed by the popular classes.” $12.50¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† view tracklist

Wild Poppies

Wild Poppies, a poetry jam across prison walls. This poetry CD was created across razor wire, prison bars and censored phone lines. It is a gathering of 27 poets/activists celebrating the work of Marilyn Buck, who has spent more than 20 years in US prisons for her anti-imperialist politics and actions. Marilyn recites from behind prison walls. Sonia Sanchez, Dennis Brutus, Genny Lim, devorah major, Carlos Quiles, Jean Stewart, Akwasi Evans, Uchechi Kalu, Mitsuye Amada and Chrystos read Marilyn’s poetry and their own, mixed with music. Tributes from Amiri Baraka and Kwame Ture. 46 tracks. 70 minutes. Pure poetry in motion. $12.00¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† view tracklist ¬†

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