My enemy’s enemy



My Enemy’s Enemy: essays on globalization, fascism and the struggle against capitalism

second edition published by Anti-Fascist Forum


The militant anti-fascist group Anti-Fascist Forum has just published the second edition of this book examining right-wing, racist, and demagogic tendencies within the movement against globalization. Entitled My Enemy’s Enemy: essays on globalization, fascism and the struggle against capitalism this book brings together a number of English-language texts which have been available on the Internet for some time, but not in hardcopy form.

What follows is a list of texts in this booklet, as well as the short introduction by the publishers.

Table of Contents

1. Aryan Politics & Fighting the WTO by J. Sakai 1a. Postscript: There are politics beyond tactics, by J. Sakai 2. Nader Quotes, compiled by Will Offley 3. “Anti-Globalization”: Buchanan, Fulani & Neo-fascist Drift in the US by Tom Burghardt, AFIB Editor 3a. Postscript: The Party’s Over?, by Tom Burghardt 4. “Millenium Round” of the WTO under fire… from both left and right by Alain Kessi 5. De Fabel van de illegaal quits Dutch anti-MAI campaign by Eric Krebbers & Merijn Schoenmakerde 6. Campaign against the MAI potentially antisemitic by Eric Krebbers & Merijn Schoenmaker 7. Goldsmith and his Gaian hierarchy Eric Krebbers 8. Fabel self interview about quitting the campaign against “free trade” by Krebbers, Westerink & Schoenmaker 9. Beethoven versus McDonalds by Revolutionary Cells 10. Resisting Global Capitalism in India by Jaggi Singh 11. Canadian Dry Rot

Introduction by Anti-Fascist Forum

Why write an essay exposing troublesome characteristics of the struggle against globalization, when global capitalism is seemingly more firmly entrenched than ever? What can be gained from “rocking the boat”, even if it is true that the campaign against the World Trade Organization may contain certain unsavory elements? Who poses the greatest threat, who should be enemy number one, a few local demagogues or the barons of international capital?

Far be it from us at Anti-Fascist Forum to argue against fighting the World Trade Organization and other planning bodies of international capital. But the reasons why people choose to struggle against the WTO, and the ideas underlying their fight, are vitally important to all of us who would like to see capitalism overthrown and class society come to an end.

The authors of these texts, most of which have already been published on the internet, have all observed reactionary tendencies within the struggle against global capitalism which go beyond the presence of a few individual crackpots. While the Left currently dominates on the streets and, to a lesser degree, in the popular imagination, this is not necessarily a permanent affair. Without learning the lessons of history and debunking the pseudo-progressivism of the liberal left, revolutionaries may find themselves increasingly marginalized in a movement that whitewashes blood-drenched “local capitalism” and lays the basis for heightened exploitation around the world.

As we have argued in our magazine, Left-wing weaknesses, both intellectual and organizational, provide a vacuum that is readily filled by the far-right. At the very least, the anti-WTO campaign is a good example of this. In the words of the International Militant Anti-Fascist Network, with which we are affiliated: “Fascism is not the cause of the Left’s collapse but the punishment for it.”  

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